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Located on the coast of Bendinat, Bconnected Interior Design and its extraordinary Showroom brings a unique approach to design and interiors by integrating all of the elements that go into building a home and creating a lifestyle. The showroom is a window into the bconnected vision and it is a place of inspiration with a practical, hands-on approach to designing a space.

With an experienced team the showroom is a creative design studio where ideas, solutions, suggestions and exchanges are part of the daily rhythm.

The journey of designing any given interior is truly an awakening. Professional expertise is a must factor but not the asset that makes bconnected stand out; it is the human quality, the sensitivity and the treasured capacity to observe and understand that makes the extraordinary possible. Contrasting textures, complementing colours, matching volumes and styles, adding light, constructing stages in a home to make it tell a very particular story in everyday life is the added value of this showroom and the professionals involved in the making of it.

“II've got plenty of ideas and inspiration but it is not so easy to transform those visions into something useful in real life. Bconnected has helped us all the way with the transformation from vision to reality, and thanks to their creativity we now have our dream home in Mallorca!""

In a world overloaded with information, the showroom has a carefully curated selection of furniture, lights, objects, art and materials to let your imagination run free in a simply delightful way, heightening the senses and opening up the mind to new ideas and possibilities, where  the beauty of harmony and the call of art satisfy the soul by fulfilling what you dream.

Passion, honesty and courage


Boldly colorful, elegant and extraordinarily full of life: These are the hallmarks of Christine Leja's designs. If you’re ever feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the world of interior design, take a deep breath and put your trust in Christine's natural intuition: "For me decorating is sheer happiness: the joy of selecting pigments, the process of creating balance and a feeling for light, the excitement of mixing styles and the delight of putting the final piece of the puzzle in it's place. Feelings that are amplified when I see the look of satisfaction on the faces of my clients."

The ethos behind Christine Leja`s designs is passion, honesty and courage. A passion for creativity, an honest approach to relationships, and the courage to change old thought pattern and standards. Her projects having been published in architecture and interior design magazines and books all around the globe and made Christine Leja to a bespoken designer in the creative world.


The approach to a new project

Interior design at bconnected 

Once the interior design team has the thrill to open their hearts to a client the whole process starts. Design is about the heart, yes, and it is also definitely about knowledge and experience and this is a 5 star service at bconnected.

Our expert team sits with you, as their client, and listen and observe. They take notes and thoroughly go through them pointing out the do’s and the don’ts, knowing what you want, what you are aware of and intuitively seeing what you are not aware of and would be perfect for you. With this summon they put a mood-board together and give images to dreams. The team sits again and decides, design plans and order the necessary materials and curated pieces, makes the numbers add and goes down this melody until a final project is done…and that is where it all begins: you, your dream home or project and the perfect place to live.




Our projects cross borders


We love making our customers happy

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