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The beauty of simplicity

Some quintessential brands design timeless pieces that can mark their personality strongly or blend with others in a harmonic conversation without the need to be the protagonist and take the stage. This is one design choice, one of the many we shuffle at bconnected Interior Design Studio.


Imagine a penthouse, hanging at the very edge of an Andratx rock, and then imagine a transatlantic cruise sliding through the magnificent waters of the dear Mediterranean Sea. If you are in the movie, you can imagine the overwhelming impact of the beauty of nature and its statement. How do we harmonize with this? How do we anchor the Captain and welcome his guests without limiting the view? Do we bring him to shore or allow the breeze of time to prolong the pure pleasure of lazing between waters?


The answer is an elegant, inspired, sea-deep fractured yet relaxing, timeless, light, and warm design. All in one, all conversing, all mesmerizing, all cohabiting beautifully:

A HK Living round dinner table surrounded by Gubi’s Beetle exquisite chairs topped with a locally designed lamp hanging as jellyfish gracefully dancing in unlimited waters.


Then there is the fun lazy Mags sofa from HAY married with a smokey glass & brass Van Roon coffee table, Gubi armchairs, and a rug that has a Spanish twist to it, very smart but just that amount of sassiness, a tiny graceful touch with that uniqueness that makes it special.


If we think of a good solid night sleep for these clients, we think of Gervasoni’s Coco bed with a matching lounge chair and its psyche mirror, simple yet classy and comforting, the exact ingredients for a healing sleep.


To welcome guests we designed, hand in hand with the client, a cozy flexible room that can be a second living area or a bedroom with the flexibility of Gervasoni’s Kubo fun bed & sofa and a lipstick feminine twist with the Gubi lounge Pacha velvet version, a smile for any design.


The color palette has been kept in natural soft shades with a pinch of color, truly just a pinch!

And such is the policy for outdoors: a double terrace, a piece of paradise on the Mallorcan rock: a 360 view with no obstruction, and the poem of the facing hills with much grace and the request to reserve a seat in the first row. Kettal is the answer to this request, robust but elegant, with the finest quality and designs that have no marks and are ageless: we need sturdy sailors to face all tides and stay relentlessly unchanged.

Interior Design is a challenge but also a privilege for those who aim to make a house the home to not only the inhabitants of it but to all of those chosen ones who share their circle of trust… Outdoors are a haven in every sense, where we breathe unlimited air and connect with nature.

This was a pleasure ride to sail…


Monica Cernich

Senior Interior Designer bconnected