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An unexpected adventure

Picture James Bond’s Mallorca retreat—a house embracing playful contradictions, its exact location a guarded secret, adding intrigue to the unalterable countryside architecture we transformed into a harmonious masterpiece.

The kitchen and dining area beckon with vibrancy, presenting a delightful clash of styles. The vintage bench adorned with lively HK living cushions, surrounded by uplifting wall art, rustic dining table, and an assortment of design chairs, creates a memorable dining experience.

The living space is a fusion of country cowboy design and Mediterranean ambiance. From the must-have leather armchair to the distressed sofa enveloped in Designers Guild linen fabric covers, and the eclectic mix of elements like Fatboy’s wonder rabbit, vintage Asian sideboard, and rug – it’s a celebration of diverse components coexisting gracefully.

Bedrooms serve as sanctuaries, striking a balance between calmness and whimsy. Grown-ups find solace in elegant Gervasoni beds paired with solid Ethinicraft bedside tables, while the young at heart embrace the whimsical allure of turquoise wicker beds. Each room is curated with mindful and inspiring objects, fostering spaces for rest and imaginative dreams.

Much like 007 with his trusted “Q,” our resourceful team ensures safety, enjoyment, and a touch of reverie in bringing it all together. As you embark on this unexpected adventure within the walls of this unique dwelling, revel in the diverse tapestry of styles and experiences that await.

Enjoy the journey!


Monica Cernich

Senior Interior Designer bconnected