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Vibrant & Chic Urban Oasis

Welcome to our meticulously crafted  Vibrant & Chic Urban Oasis” project; a cool and colorful stunningly reimagined living space that harmonizes chic aesthetics with functional design, perfect for a young and dynamic family yearning to embrace city life.

In the heart of Santa Catalina, a remarkable apartment has undergone a captivating transformation by the talented bconnected Interior Design & Projects team. Inspired by the desires of a young and chic family, this project encapsulates the essence of contemporary city living, replete with striking elements that effortlessly meld style and function.

The living room serves as the epicenter of the apartment’s allure, featuring the luxurious ATEMPORAL sofa upholstered with exquisite Designers Guild fabric. This masterpiece of comfort and design stands alongside a captivating vintage armchair by Holger Stevens. The scene is set with a white coffee table, beautifully harmonized with a gold-footed lamp, both from Gubi, as well as a marble and black metal dining room console by the same brand. Adding a playful touch are the pink and yellow stools from Pols Potten, while an Aromas del Campo table lamp illuminates the ambience. Elegantly designed curtains from Designers Guild frame the windows, complementing the aesthetic. The dining room is adorned with a statement lamp from Marset, casting a warm glow over family gatherings.

The master bedroom is a symphony of comfort and style, boasting a custom-made upholstered headboard courtesy of Designers Guild. The interiors also underwent a thoughtful renovation, incorporating an elegant parquet floor that imbues the rooms with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen exudes vitality with a vibrant and invigorating shade of yellow, while the bathrooms exude sophistication with deep blue tiles.

This project showcases intelligent storage solutions that align seamlessly with the cool aesthetic, ensuring both practicality and panache. The bconnected Interior Design & Projects team has not just designed a living space, but a lifestyle tailored to the desires of a young and trendsetting family. The “Vibrant & Chic Urban Oasis” project redefines city centre living by infusing it with vibrancy, style, and intelligent design.