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SILVER POINT, a massive flow turnover

Equations can be easy, difficult, simple or complex…or all in one and all at once. The geometrics of the circle of life is perceived in the way we decide to draw it, it may look like a circle, but it may be carved like a rectangle, a triangle or nothing at all: this is the space of perception, and perception is so personal. Even though we all have eyes and the mechanism is in nature, a natural part of what we are a piece, the specifics is what makes the difference and the poetry in the small pieces called words.

Words on their own may not mean much more than the designation of a something. The meaning we put into it is what brings it to live, an alive life that is encompassed by so many possibilities, endless options, and this is the dichotomy with which we are presented every second of every minute of every day: as designers we are story tellers and as interior designers, we are home makers.
Be not mistaken, our conversation is not only with our clients, but instinctively so with the spaces. There is a beautiful perception of what the walls, the floorings, the appliances will not only witness but pour into the lives of the living creatures inhabiting with them.
We have made a huge, truly gigantic, gargantuan and massive turnover of flow in this enormously privileged spot in our planet: SILVER POINT.
We were formally introduced one unexpected afternoon of the month of October, not too cold but not hot either, those in between days that place us in timeless inspiration mood. The spot is irreplaceable, the view is…well…yes…breathtaking but the space, the walls, the leftover curtains, the outdated flooring, the decorative lost wall paintings were so silent, more so, simply muted and awkward and our clients truly visioners, much more so: adventurers to invest in such a place. It was their dream spot since they purchased, some years ago, another property close by. And they waited, and watched and were attentive and waited somewhat more and silently but steadily they made it.
bconnected stepped in the last time around with both the architecture & the interior design team making the best of the most, and this time around we were invited to the theatre again and the stage was all ours.
It took some expertise to bring the vision forth and have the spectator understand the script before the movie was edited and we made it fully with one vision: levelled full harmonious flooring through and through, expanding the inside, bringing the outside in melting limits into oneness: a brilliant idea by placing extra-large pieces of ceramic tile with stone finishing but outdoor quality porosity: it feels good for the feet and fits good to the purpose. Natural shades to blend with nature and very clean soothing design.
bconnected is renowned for its vitamin-coloured interiors and we enjoy to communicate we can do any and every style with grace and unquestionable exquisite taste.
See for yourselves!

Text by Monica Cernich