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Jan 8, 2021

Health starts inside

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The new year is always a great time for reflection, turning our focus inside, on how we are doing and how we look after ourselves. What we are putting into our bodies, how we are feeling, what is helping what is not. This winter is particular a good one to pause and re-evaluate how you feel and how you care about yourself and your body.

Photo credits: Lāsma Artmane on Unsplash

After the festive season, we are often feeling like we over indulged with food and drink and all that holiday spirit. New Year is a fresh start to start a healthy lifestyle. Your body is your temple after all.

We wanted to put together this blog to remind ourselves how we can look after ourselves better and also to recommend all these fantastic local brands that we can buy from in order to fuel our bodies with organic, local produce.

Local town markets are a great place to start.  Here you’ll find all the local and organic produce available of top quality.

Photo credits: Anna Pelzer

Starting a vegan diet is another way to keep your health on track as animal products have been proven to cause several types of problems. Nu Market in Santa Catalina is one of the top vegan supermarkets that offer a great range of products including vegan cheese.

Perhaps you’d like to start a detox juicing diet to kick start the system. @Zivatogo is a great place to grab your detoxing, healing juices that will freshen up your insides. They also have many great options for lunches on the go.

Photo credits: @cachao_chocolate

How about something to feed the heart and not just your palette. Cachao chocolate, our very own organic and vegan chocolate created here locally on the island by our master chocolatier Tino Wolter. If you’d like to indulge in chocolate in its most pure and natural form but still rich in nutrients and full of flavour then you need to try our Cachao. Also makes a great gift for a loved one.

Photo credits: Donna Vegana

As well as buying from local markets and stores, we have also had an influx of vegan/ vegetarian restaurants that you should be trying! Donna Vegana in Santa Ponsa is a new vegan focused brunch spot that serves delicious options of all sorts including vegan Bolognese and pizza. Definitely worth a try!

Always remember, however, you are what you feed yourself. Not only with the food you’re putting in your bodies, but with what you’re thinking, watching, saying, what you’re surrounding yourself within your day to day.

Let’s end this year as a healthy one!