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Jan 15, 2021

How to design a welcoming entrance hall

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The entrance hall is a very important aspect of a home, it sets the mood at an instant after having walked in the door. Having the perfect entrance hall vibe is a very personal matter, it’s a very versatile area and it can vary on many things from the decor, to the items both decorative and practical and dependant on what family members are in the home. All need to be taken into consideration when decorating your entrance hall.

Before getting started, we are reminded of the importance of cleanliness this year with coronavirus and how important it is to brush yourself of any bacteria before taking it all inside. Therefore keeping a coconut brush doormat outside your front door is ideal for taking off extra dirt from your shoes, but leave your shoes at the door not to take it all inside with you. A shoe cupboard might be an ideal element to keep in the hallway this year. On top of the shoe cupboard you could have a drawer of cupboard that keeps an anti-bacterial spray and/or wipes whichever you prefer. There are many organic ones that have surfaced to not be too damaging on the skin.

Now that we are all clean. You can approach this decor in many ways.

The minimalist design 

This is having a cleared space with not many obstacles creating a clean and holistic vibe when entering the room as sometimes to many objects and decoration as you enter a home can be overwhelming making the guest or yourself feel stressed as soon as you walk in the door. There are many people nowadays who live in a simplistic way with minimal possessions. It has been said that this clears your aura of junk, toxic traits allowing for fresh & new things your way.

Photo credits/ Via Pinterest: HOMEYOHMY / Bloomingville

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bright and colourful design

This concept is said to lift the mood as you enter the home, making you feel at peace and giving you a positive vibe. We can’t think of a better way to enter your own home that having some light, pastel, and bright colours to life the spirits. Especially if you have a small entrance hall, adding some colour to a simple space such as yellow adds a very welcoming feeling.

Photo credits/ Via Pinterest: Decoralia

Practicality in design

This is important, particularly when you have a family of a few of you and members tend to leave their belongings right by the front door whenever they walk in, ready to be picked up on their way our, or not. It can also be a place heavily filled with junk. Therefore it is a very practical choice to have cupboards or hanging space in the entrance hall to tidy it up, reducing the stressed feeling of seeing a messy space but having it easily accessible for the whole family to keep their things ready to walk out the door. There are many types of cupboards and hanging shelving unites to choose from, even key hangers become very useful in a hallway.

Photo credits/ Via Pinterest: Scott McGillivray


A warm welcome into your home with a feature that gives personality. It is also a great option if you have young kids with sticky fingers all over the wall, this shows up less and is easier to wipe off! But most importantly it creates an inspirational feel when you enter a home, shows that thought has been put into the design, and makes beautiful decoration, you don’t need to add much more!

Photo credits/ Via Pinterest: Decoralia / Magnolia

For more ideas on how to decorate your entrance hall, take a look at our Pinterest page, or for even more help, don’t hesitate to give our bconnected interior design team a ring for help to design your home.