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Jan 22, 2021

Keeping busy at home during quarantine

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As the world locks us down again at least for the meantime, we might find ourselves looking over our home spaces once again, wondering what we could do to spruce up the design. There are many things you can do at home to spruce up the place and keep yourself busy at the same time. 

Have you ever thought about taking up painting? What a wonderful time to spend finding your creative side with a paintbrush. We aren’t looking for any perfectionists with this one but solely enjoying oneself and one’s perspective, you might surprise yourself, maybe you can hang it on the wall once it’s done!

Photo credits: Jonathan Borbaengin akyurt and Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Studying Feng Shui is one way of learning how to create the right vibe in your space. It might be that with a little moving around of furniture, you could improve the feeling of the whole place, for yourself and for guests. Make it cosy, or give it more free space. There are lots of things feng shui can teach you as well as which way furniture is facing and how it creates an impact on your mood. Who would have known?

How about getting creative and creating a pinterest board or a scrap book with images of everything you would love to get for your place. There’s no need to resist on choices, go wild with imagination and use it like a vision board.

Photo credits: Farmhouse living

Now is the time to get organized. A messy desk causes a really bad aura in the room, can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. You have plenty of time now to sort through those files and scrap papers that are just laying around not needed anymore. An organized desk gives you a feeling of completion and balance. Once you’ve finished the desk, let’s start with the wardrobes!

Changing cushion covers can do wonders to change up the mood in the living space. Such a small detail can be quite an eye-catching to those in their presence, so why not lift the mood with some bright colours as we move into blossom and spring in the next couple of months. This lockdown could use a new vibe!

How about using this time to paint the entire room a totally different colour, or in fact putting up wallpaper. It can be a productive do-it-yourself project to keep you busy these weeks. You could go for a warmer colour to create a more cosy vibe or in fact a tropical design that embraces the island. Get creative!

Photo credits: Jason LeungDavid Pisnoy, and Christina Rumpf on  UnsplashHappywall

Last but not least, buying a journal is one for our list these weeks. It is therapeutic to sit down on your bed or couch, cosied up in your fluffiest socks, and write about anything that is going on in your head. Not only is it very relieving getting all your thoughts on paper but you can choose a journal design that most suits you, from different colours, brands to perhaps recycled paper. There are many options. Find the one that resonates with you and give your thoughts free play to capture them on paper. Perhaps an interesting idea will emerge for a story worth telling.