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Apr 3, 2020

Cultivate the difference – A new hotel concept

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Public spaces are a heavenly rush of emotions: we design not for a family unit, but for the world family aiming at bringing the best of all words.

We let our clients Ignacio and Carmen from “Hidden Away Hotels” talk about one of our recently completed interior design projects, a new hotel concept with the suggestive name “Samaritana pied à terre”:

“Hi Monica/Christine!

Thank you for the pictures, they were great and reflect very well what we want to convey about the uniqueness of Samaritana.

I wanted to congratulate you for the work and love you have put into our project, you can be satisfied and proud of the result because of course, we are delighted! I’m sure that all that love we have put in will be something that our future customers will notice when they stay in any of the rooms, and that’s what will make us really different from the rest.

Thank you for your creativity, sensitivity and good taste, we are happy to have had you!

A big kiss!

Ignacio Jiménez Artacho

Managing Partner

Hidden Away Hotels”

You will be delighted by the wonderful text written by our Senior Interior Designer, Monica Cernich which gives voice to the magnificent photo reportage for this project on our website. You can enjoy the complete photography feature and the beautiful text by following this link!