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Dec 24, 2021

Christmas Spirit in Mallorca

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Christmas on the islands starts off with the Christmas lights lit up in Palma and at the end of November. The Christmas spirit starts to spread across the island after this, with Christmas markets and work Christmas parties all around. There are some typical Mallorcan traditions that you might be tempted to try over the holidays.

Chocolate & churros are the first on our list. If fried dough pastry sprinkled in sugar and then dipped into a cup of melted chocolate doesn’t feed your taste buds, I’m not sure what will! You’ll find these in most café’s across the island whether it’s in the city of Palma or a small tucked away village. Churros are very popular with the local Mallorcans.

The Ensaimada and the Coca de Patata are also popular options over the Christmas agenda.

You’ll find the best Coca de Patata’s up in Valldemossa. The café La Molina is one of our favorite spots to find you the tastiest local pastries. Typically, these pastries are enjoyed along with a traditional Spanish hot chocolate “chocolate a la taza”.

If this is all sounding a bit too sweet, the Hot Chocolate by itself is worth having. Tasting like pure melted chocolate, it will warm you up in minutes.

The locals have a particular soup that they make to keep warm over the colder wintery months called the Sopa de Navidad. This is a chicken broth filled with minced meat and small grains of pasta, seasoned beautifully with garlic and parsley.

The main meal over Christmas is the big family get-together on Christmas Eve. Presents aren’t always given on this day but are most often the case. The Mallorcans also have present giving on the 6th of January, known as The Three Kings-day.

On the night of the 24th it is typical for the local Mallorcans to take themselves to the Cathedral La Seu in the centre of Palma to listen to Christmas Carols for the “Sibil-la concert” a tradition that originated in the 10th century and brought to Mallorca by Jaime I.

Finally, on Kings Day, 6th January you’ll see the streets fill up with families celebrating with their young children as a magical parade of fairy tale characters strolls the streets of Palma from Port Vell. It is the traditional ” The Three Kings’ Parade”, a beautiful event that delights young and old alike and brings the Christmas season to a close.