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Apr 8, 2022

Exploring the island in spring

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The signs of spring have started as we see blossom and fresh leaves appearing in the fields and the temperatures rising day by day. It is that time of year when the airport starts to get busier as tourists start arriving on the island to enjoy the precious season that it is. Often times spring is even more enjoyable than the summer months as the cooler weather allows you to do so much with it. Getting outside, being busy, seeing the sights, or taking a cruise to a local market becomes a lot more appealing when you’re not sweating buckets.

We have so many suggestions for spring activities to tell you but we have cut them down to a few that we think you should be doing this season.

Photo credits: Mondragón Natural Park

Take a picnic on a faraway beach such as Cala Mondragó. The drive itself is a journey, and once you’ve parked up you have a short but sweet track through the national park filled with Mediterranean foliage. It leads you eventually to a stunning white sandy bay enclosed by the cliffs. This bay is so beautiful that the summer months are packed with both locals and tourists who want to spend the day here, that is why we suggest getting there before the crowds in these quieter months. You might even have the entire beach for yourself. Take a backpack picnic with you and set up camp to enjoy a warm fresh spring day listening to those waves hitting the shore. Pure bliss.

Photo credits: Turisme Petit – Playa Es Caragol / Cala S’Almunia via Pinterest

Spring is the perfect time to visit local markets around the island. The fresh produce this time of year is out of this work. Need a day plan? How about visiting Santanyi market on a Wednesday or a Saturday morning, wandering around the stalls of local farmers with so much variety from locally produced honey to Mallorcan vermouth. While you’re up here in Santanyi why not try out one of our favorite vegan cafes, GRA. Gra is an Irish gastropub that has a totally vegan concept offering as many local ingredients as possible from the island and keeping their dishes as healthy as possible, not using refined sugar or anything artificial.

Another ideal location for a spring lunch is the wonderful Nama Deia. Nama isn’t only well known for its Thai food that is out of this world but it is also known for the views across the entire valley of Deia which are absolutely breathtaking. Enjoying your lunch on their terrace is a truly magical experience and with such humble service. Be sure to try one of their Asian-style cocktails, the TomYumtini is our favorite.

Photo credits: Gra Gastropub – Santanyi Nama Deia

To leave the best until last, Spring is the perfect time to go wine tasting on the island. The grapevines are all flourishing before their harvesting at the end of summer and with the season still quiet the many vineyards around the island will be readily available to give you a tour. Why not find a local family-run vineyard such as SonPrim the family here has owned the vineyard for generations and the fields of grapes seem to be never-ending. Not to mention the wine tastes delicious too!

The island offers countless possibilities, but here’s just a small sample so you can start tasting spring!