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Apr 9, 2020

Alternative plans for an Easter at home

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Well this isn’t the Easter holidays that we were all imagining when the year began for 2020, this year we are having to make the most of the space we have at home, being creative, grateful and above all calm in the current situation so that we can get through it and come out the other side being able to say that we made the most of it.


What does Easter mean to you? For us, it means spending time with family, sharing traditions, big meal altogether, laughter and good conversation. The kids playing or enjoying their Easter eggs and bunnies. And the festivities! Well, this year we can, of course, forget the festivities or going for a walk out in the fresh air with your family but we can still have an enjoyable Easter Day with loved ones.

Photo by Sweet Amaryllis on Unsplash

If you’re alone at home or separated from your loved ones you can sign up to one of the social video apps like Houseparty or Zoom, have everyone connect and enjoy a group chat and laughs while you all separately have a home-cooked meal or over an afternoon drink. Perhaps taking the phone out onto the terrace or roof terrace if you have one to enjoy the fresh air.


How about trying to cook something different during this special occasion?

Take a look at this tasty cheesecake recipe filled chocolate Easter eggs.

Picture & recipe credit: “Rasperri Cupcakes Blog


Keeping the kids occupied during this time is a challenge for many! So how about we take a note out of the kindergarten books and use one of those Easter games that we remember so fondly.

We could make some hard-boiled eggs, let them rest to cool and have a painting session, decorating with whatever you can find, glitter, paper hats, fabrics. Perhaps even create a storyline for them as if they were puppets.

Whatever you do don’t forget to document these moments with photos and videos, these are surely times you’ll want to look back on and remember how you spent your time laughing and getting creative with your little ones.

Another Easter idea is a chocolate egg hunt! Whether it’s in your garden or in your apartment, there are always sneaky places you can hide them that keeps kids occupied for ages! Perhaps giving them clues or creating a treasure map to guide them, making it a full adventure!  Not just for children, but also for adults to forget everything for a moment and let themselves be carried away by their childhood memories!


If you are looking for some local chocolate, which is all vegan and organic, you can stop by our Cachao online shop. And if you want to get your hands on some delicious Easter eggs and other exclusive delicacies specially designed for these days, you can get more information on Cachao’s Instagram account.

Photo credits: Cachao – Chocolate Manufactury / Instagram: cachao_chocolate


At the end of all these activities, it may be time to start winding down but instead of resulting in an afternoon of endless tv, how about “traveling” together visiting interesting places such as The British Museum, some of the most incredible Natural History Museums from around the globe thanks to Google Arts and Culture or even discovering amazing places and nature as the incredible Australian Great Barrier Reef and some of the most beautiful Natural Parks from Spain that you can find in a nice article from “Sapos y Princesas” from El Mundo Newspaper.

Forest Photo by Ed van duijn on Unsplash

British Natural History Museum’s Photo by Tuguldur Baatar on Unsplash

Nowadays there are plenty of digital possibilities to experience all this from home. Kids could be experiencing something new and exciting whilst learning, all from their living room! We are very lucky to have the internet today with its endless possibilities. There is really no excuse to be bored.


At the end of the day, you might also be able to enjoy some terrace festivities if you’re living in the city as I’m sure one of your neighbors will be entertaining the streets for the occasion!


What’s most important is that we are spending time with our loved ones, whether in real or virtual and we are grateful for what we have at this moment, because these are the things that are going to pull us through everything, together.