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Apr 17, 2020

Rediscover and support local business

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The current situation has made us turn to and rely on our local shops and businesses. The support we can give each other during this time is crucial and beneficial not only to those who run them but also to ourselves. If we rely on those essential local stores for our day to day life not only are we supporting our local community businesses in this time of need but also getting our food locally. That means we are choosing the better and healthier option, it’s local which means less damage to our environment and the climate, and it is usually more organic than that which has been imported and is less fresh. This is why it’s a perfect time to turn inwards and see where you are getting your nutrients and food to make your body happy.

Our beloved Cachao has experienced some changes in this time due to the circumstances, as we can still provide our clients with products from here we have been given the chance to vary our line to provide more that’s beneficial to our community.

Not only can you order in some of your favorite organic, vegan chocolate to your door during this time when chocolate can be a real mood booster! You can also now stock up on your other necessities choosing from an array of vegan, paleo, gluten, dairy, and sugar-free products. Freshly made organic produce that is delivered to you locally is a treat during this crucial time.

You can take a look at our available products and how to place your order here.

And Cachao isn’t the only local business who can provide at the time, local distributors such as Mr. Eco and Terragust can bring you your freshly produced vegetables, straight from their food farms here on the island.

Santa Catalina is sticking together during this time with Fibonacci in Santa Catalina is open and busy providing us all with their heart-warming coffee and freshly made pastries to take away.

Palmabread is open and working hard to supply our community with the delicious freshly-made bread and pastries that are a treat to the palette during these times we are experiencing.

Simplydelicious has partnered with a vendor of Santa Catalina Market to feed the medical crew at Son Espases Hospital. You can order in some of their very tasty falafel, chicken wraps or hummus platters to your door! We can highly recommend their very flavorsome dishes.

Feed your mind, body and soul with Biokalma who is open to supply organic supplies and raw food treats, as well as NUmarket, a zero-waste supermarket that offers sustainable daily necessities.

Last but not least, an initiative to embrace the local business that can come straight to your door with a wide range of food products you can enjoy during the time is “Mallorca En Casa”. If you don’t feel like going outdoors during this time, let them bring it to you and you can support the local business!

We are all in this together and as a community, we will come out of this situation thriving.

What would you like to order? : )

Our Cachao team is ready to bring you our healthy, vegan and organic food directly to your home!

And if you want to be updated with our Cachao delivery service follow us on our Cachao Instagram account.