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Apr 24, 2020

Keep fit during this quarantine

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How is everyone doing? We know these are times that can have their difficult moments and we can only hope that reading our blog can shine a little light on your day.

A lot of us have been scheduling a fitness routine into our daily quarantine lives, whether to keep us fit and slim or to remain a healthy body and mind. Fitness even at home can bring a load of benefits. Even just a 20-minute workout or yoga session/ meditation pours the endorphins into the system!

And as we have so many hours in the day lately, it surely is a perfect chance to try out some new exercises or experiences, from your living room! This is why we’ve put together some of our local and favourite companies who are providing online activities during this time!

Fancy learning a new dance? Victory´s Club dance school is offering a couple of different live sessions every night on their Facebook page, from Bachata, Salsa to styling where you can learn the extra moves to make your dance that extra special, or just to feel good by moving your body and trying something new! Even if you begin by having a little laugh at yourself while doing it, these feel-good vibes will most certainly benefit your day.

Photo credits: Brooke Cagle Unsplash

Ready to work on those abs or work off a few of those calories we’ve been indulging on since this started? @FitcornerMallorca has a daily workout circuit for you to do from your living room and with very minimal material needed!

They work with heavy water bottles to backpacks filled with books, anything you can find to work with, and enjoy these live sessions with qualified trainers. You can find this on their Instagram @fitcornermallorca

Perhaps you’re not into working sweat and would prefer something more mindful to perhaps calm your nerves during this somewhat worrying time.

@thestudiolifestyle in Palma is giving you online video barre – pilates sessions to fire up your abs and keep you toned.

@joshua_yoga works on a different mix of international yoga and multidisciplinary movements to take your yoga to the next level. Usually an acro yoga teacher in the park of Palma Cathedral, he is now holding live sessions that will get you working a sweat!

Proto credits: Kari Shea/ Avrielle Suleiman / kelly Sikkema – Unsplash

@zunray studios and @earthyoga are giving daily yoga practices with various practitioners on the island. Yoga and Meditation is an activity that can be easily practiced at home as no materials are required and it can do good to center your thoughts and calm any anxiety over the situation. It also allows the feel-good hormones to wash through you after a session.

@Katiehandysidetraining is a personal trainer in Santa Catalina who is providing us with online video and workout sessions to keep us motivated and keep those kilos off!

Why not give one a go? You might find you have a new hobby after all of this!

There are also numerous apps that you can download and get active with such as Pura y Dura, SWEAT, Nike Training Club, Keep Training, and many many more. Just find one that suits you and that keeps you motivated during this time.

Remembering exercise gives you endorphins that can lift your mood, which can be very beneficial during this time where we aren’t moving and in our own heads all day.

Photo credit: Fabian Moller – Unsplash

Good luck! It won’t be long as we’ll be out of this, may as well stay fit and as active as we can in the meantime!