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Mar 26, 2021

Two iconic chairs with a modern twist

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In our new showroom, you will find two very special bespoke chairs. The Emmanuelle chair and the Chippendale chair.

Emmanuelle chair.

The origins of the Peacock chair, or commonly known as the “Emmanuelle” chair, have been widely debated but most stories place its origin in Asia.⁠
⁠There are different versions to the story, one version indicates that it was probably originated in one prison in Manila, Philippines, where the prisoners weaved furniture from rattan and weeds.⁠ Another says that the chair was originated in Tahiti, Polynesia. Where it was a Polynesian throne, hence its imposing and exotic look, and was called “Pomare” chair, after the name of the last royal dynasty of Tahiti. ⁠

It was only in the ’70s that the chair became very popular due to its appearance in the erotic French film “Emmanuelle”. In the early 20th century, the fabulous design of this throne-like chair with a massive back made of rattan became a sex icon, a staple of photographic studios and wealthy homes.⁠ Anyone who posed in a Peacock chair became sensual in an instant. From those days you will find images from Julio Iglesias to Brigitte Bardot in a Peacock chair.

Chippendale chair

The Chippendale chair is another iconic design from the 18th century, named after London cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale’s work in the mid-1700s. He became quite famous in his day after publishing The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director, a guide for constructing a variety of furniture pieces.

There are some specific characteristics to look for when identifying Chippendale furniture, these include the woods it is made from, leg and foot styles particularly the use of cabriole legs and ball-and-claw feet, and other embellishments.

Chippendale influence is still widely found in formal furniture design and manufacturing. Some modern pieces completely copy older designs while others derive inspiration from this classic style melding them with modern influences.
There are 3 types of Chippendale chairs, rococo, gothic, and Chinese. At bconnected we focus on the Chinese style. Chippendale’s Chinese pieces featured pagoda style pediments, fretwork, and straight, intricately carved legs. These sorts of fretwork were used for a gallery around the edges of china or tea tables.

The Chinese Chippendale chair, whether a valuable antique or modern-day trendy piece, is a timeless classic.

⁠In our showroom you can find these bespoke chairs, we chose a soft blue colour for the Emmanuelle chair and the cushions that were added were upholstered with vintage fabric from Asia.⁠ A feminine and delicate piece but at the same time powerful and with personality.⁠

All the chairs available at our showroom are custom made, in vibrant colors and they have been upholstered with vintage fabrics of Christine Leja’s personal collection.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us in our Bendinat Beach Headquarters in order to create bespoke furniture and vintage finds.