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Nov 13, 2020

Three Michelin-starred restaurants worth trying in Mallorca

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Spain is definitely one of the biggest culinary destinations on earth, and Mallorca, even though it’s not so well-known, has a really nice gastronomic offer. It used to have the exact opposite reputation, but over the years more and more high-level restaurants have been opening and it’s slowly been making a name for itself, and it even has a two Michelin starred restaurant.

The Michelin guide is the most well-known guide and it’s usually a good sign when any restaurant has a star or even several stars, but in the end, the taste is a very subjective thing, so not every restaurant that has a star will necessarily please your personal taste. In our case we selected the three Michelin starred restaurants that we like the most:


Photo credits: ZarandaThe Gastro Journey

This is the only restaurant in Mallorca with two Michelin stars. They are currently closed since the pandemic started, and rumors are they will reopen in a new location, but wherever they are, we are convinced Fernando Arellano and his team will continue to create amazing dishes inspired from all over the world.

Andreu Genestra at Predi Son Jaumell

Photo credits: Andreu GenestraThe Gastro Journey

This restaurant offers a very nice (and long) tasting menu which is very inspired in Mallorca, and the location is very romantic as well. Our tip is to have a nice meal here but also stay at their hotel that night.


Photo credits: VoroThe Gastro Journey

This is our favorite restaurant on the island. Alvaro Salazar does a fantastic job and we have no doubt a second star will come sooner or later for Voro. The cuisine has a lot of influences from Andalucía but they always try to work with products from the Balearic Islands.

You can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants, and as said, usually you won’t go wrong with most of the Michelin starred restaurants, but there are definitely some restaurants on the island that are at a similar level to the restaurants mentioned but that don’t own any stars. For those, you’ll have to read our future blog post though, so stay tuned. And if you’re a foodie, don’t miss our “The Gastro Journey” podcasts to learn first-hand about the inspiration and vision of culinary experts and chefs from renowned restaurants.

This guest blog post was written by “The Gastro Journey”