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Nov 20, 2020

Benefits of golfing

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As we approach Mallorca’s winter season, we are lucky enough to get to enjoy the continuous sunny days and mild temperatures, and some days even warm enough to put on a swimsuit. A November in Mallorca is the ideal time of year to start a new sport or to get practicing a current one, particularly this winter which is a unique one where there are fewer social gatherings. Many of us have turned to Golfing as a weekly hobby and we can’t think of any reasons not to. With around 30 of some of the best golf courses on the island, it truly is one of the top golfing locations so why not throw yourself into practicing your swing this season with a few friends.

Photo credits: Golf Alcanada

There are many reasons golf makes a good holistic hobby. Not only does it give you many good physical benefits as it makes good cardiovascular exercise, but it is extremely beneficial for the mind. In golf you build discipline. Although it is a relatively easy sport to take up, it takes a lot of practice to get good. This means constant dedication to improve.

Golf is ultimately a very humbling game. It requires a lot of practice and more self-control than many other sports. There will be many ups and downs, when there are downs you must learn to accept them, learn from them and move on to trying to improve, not letting it get you down.

Photo credits: Arabella Golf Son Vida – Unsplash: Andrew Lomas / Soheb Zaidi

It is great for the endorphins as you are outside all day in the fresh air and usually sunshine, which stocks you up on vitamin D as well, boosting those happy hormones which is always useful when it comes to the winter months (although make sure to wear sunblock, we don’t want to cause any damage to healthy skin). These benefits can greatly reduce any anxiety.

It is not a quick sport; it takes sometimes hours therefore it is a great teacher for patience and for balancing your mind & thoughts. You can’t be busy as you would be in an office or spend hours on your phone occupying your thoughts, you have hours to let your mind wander which in turn is very healthy for your well-being. Plus you get to spend all day looking at the most beautiful scenery this island has to offer.

Photo credits: Golf de Andratx

Mallorca has a lot to offer and is truly a paradise for golf lovers. If this is your passion and you are looking for a residence on the island close to the best golf courses, our real estate agents will be happy to advise you and help you find the perfect home.