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Nov 27, 2020

Before & After: Petit Miracle project

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Here we go ladies and gentleman: a slap on History with capital H! Throughout it ART has been catalogued with grades that quite honestly do not make it justice. There were mayor and miner, higher or lower, fine and not fine arts, if ever this is possible…Architecture, Sculpture and Painting opposed to cabinetmaking or welding or even decorative arts. We are so glad to see how far we have come and how so much wider our souls are and even our perception capacity, so much finer and with so many nuances that we cannot imagine how anyone can say that our race has not evolved.

Our work is a piece of art as much as the beautiful ornamented aprons of the hmong tribe or the witty expressions of Bansky. True, they differ in intellectual knowledge and most certainly so on the impact they have, but everything has its own scale: the soul of a nomad tribe can be as much or even more exquisite than an A-Scholar with the highest of education or an uneducated “brut” talent that requires nothing but the possibility to express itself.

If we provide in beauty, we make it all so much more livable. And we aim to do so. This is the case of the present showcase: we had a dark black hole, not with the likes of the ones in the Universe as they are charged with all possible and impossible energies…this one was void even of void: no inspiration, not appealing at all, but an excellent challenge for a visionary team. Christine kicked it off, Camila followed and supervised with a tight fist (as always, required and necessary…beware!) and the Interior Design team put the final brooch with a cherry on top.

It was what we usually call a down to the bone intervention: nothing was left standing except the external walls, ceiling and raw floor. Nothing was spared and the hot note is: the budget was well…let’s say not friendly. It is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apt; open space living dining and kitchen in a modern straight line style with a touch of personality (hydraulic tiles as example): small spaces have to have this balance to widen the limited measurements of space and broaden the lived experience erasing boundaries between perception and feelings.

Wooden flooring to bring the cozy feeling and an interior design created by master minds, those that can squeeze into a toy box the entire circus, tent and elephant included. We worked with friendly brands, yes, very friendly. This is an art of its own: to be able to choose from different options of IKEA oriented brands and make a 5 star plus end result, glamorous, enticing and simply beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen, please never forget: in the world we live in we can comprise all options and we will deliver each and every one with grace and elegance…we rest our case and hope you will come soon, buy the tickets and see our show…it is spectacular!

Author’s note: the aim was to transform a tiny city living space into a dignified apartment for rental. We can say our client had an unbelievable added value to his property and last time we met, he was very happy with the investment and the turn over of profit; we never forget the numbers, a less romantic side of affaires as Christine usually says, but the fundamental backbone.

Monica Cernich