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Dec 4, 2020

Winter decor 2020

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Welcoming this cooler weather with open arms. Have you noticed the temperature dropping this last week? Christmas is around the corner and this year is a special one, we are spending much more time indoors, in our own spaces, alone, with our pets, or with our loved ones. We have realized the importance of our homes feeling like our sanctuaries, an oasis escape from everything else where you feel at ease.

We have noticed many of us have put more thought into the design of our spaces this year, as we spend more time at home noticing what we could add to improve the mood, create a more relaxed vibe. We thought we’d put together some of the popular trends that we’ve seen this year that we also are adding to our homes to create more of a “hygge” vibe (Scandinavian concept of cosy-ness at home).

Foto credits: Micheile Henderson on Unsplash / Mimosa Flowers

Dried flowers. We love them! Have you noticed that they have become a huge décor element? It gives a fresh ambience to an indoor space. You can match the colours along with your colour scheme and combine many different types of plants to create a fresh, natural appearance.

Photo credits: bconnected Interior Design

Velour is another popular material used a lot in 2020. Adding a velour sofa chair or stall enhances the cosy-ness giving the space a wintery hygge feeling and is just gorgeous to touch! It can be used in a soft tone-setting where pastel colours are the main trend or choosing a bold colour can really give a space a special look.

Photo Credits: Instagram

Christmas décor has started early this year, we’ve seen many families already putting up there Christmas trees and why not? Our favourite Christmas interior design look are the stick Christmas trees with lights. These modern style are a light touch that you can add to your space especially if you don’t have too much room for a Christmas tree filled with bauballs.

If your space is missing a warm winter touch, you can also simply add a couple of dark coloured cushions to the furniture. A dark-toned rouge or chocolate brown can quickly give a cosy vibe to an interior room.

Photo credits: Vila Hermanos Palmaria Mallorca

Last but not least, one of our favourite trends is candles. This year we want to be looking for local businesses to support so why not visit your local market and seek out some local producers for design products. One of our favourite Spanish handmade candles are Palmaria and Villa Hermanos, hand-poured, and artisan-made. They also smell just divine, giving your home a personal touch.

There are many additional things you can do to your space to give it more of a cosy wintery feeling and this year is the year to get creative! Take advantage of our selection of designer furniture and decorative objects from our “Black Friday” salesVisit our shop on Instagram and find the perfect piece to enhance your space.