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Jan 10, 2020

A new organic wave hits the Med

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A new organic wave in the food industry his the Mediterranean as there is a growing trend in the world toward organic and sustainable agriculture, and more awareness towards healthy eating. We know that many produce nowadays has been covered in fertilizers or induced with antibiotics which is causing diseases. Because of this there has been an increasing presence of individual farms that are producing organic options where you can than ever.

Organic produce farmers have to be more vigilant, antibiotic use is severely limited if used at all, the regulations if you want to be named as organic, disallows any use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers for a minimum of three years. The animals must be free-range, and have lived with plenty of fresh air and fed only organically certified food.

Mallorca has many more local organic producers across the island providing us with natural produce where you can go along and pick your choice.
There are also however new experiences arriving in Mallorca & Ibiza where the organic farmers create this incredible experience where you can go along and have a completely natural and seasonal meal.

Our two favourites are:

Terragust, near Manacor in Mallorca is an all-natural farm where Biel Llull Galmés takes you through an authentic Mallorcan food experience. You will be guided through the vast organic vegetable fields and explained all the distinctive varieties of fruit and vegetable that they grow and learn the ins and outs as to why it is so important to consume local products. You’ll get first-hand experience to what “Zero Kilometre” farming is really like. After the tour you are sat down at an outdoor seating area surrounding by the lush fields, where you’re provided a wonderfully curated tasting menu that delivers delicious dishes made with seasonal food. Keeping the dishes contemporary, Biel (Known as Cornet) mixes his knowledge for authentic Mallorcan cuisine with what he continues to learn in the industry to provide this 5-course meal of natural gastronomy. Photo Credits: Terragust

Terra Masia, is Ibiza’s largest certified organic farm. Nestled near to Santa Eulalia and growing a vast range of biodynamic vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers as well as free range eggs. The farm offers a variety of experiences such as tours, workshops, educational field trips and even weddings!

They pride themselves on their colourful spectrum of produce that they grow with such a huge variety. From pink cauliflower to golden beetroot, you will find many choices that will surprise you!  Taking a trip to Terra Masia will give you a fascinating learning experience, hearing about some of the unconventional ways that the farm grows their food such as following the moon cycle in order to ensure absolute optimum nutritional value for the produce!

Dine under the stars in their picturesque fields, drinking organic wine and experiencing a truly authentic Mediterranean experience.

Photo Credits: Terra Masia