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Jan 3, 2020

Start the New Year off fresh

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We’ve enjoyed the mince pies, the mulled wine, the Christmas parties and all the festive cooking that comes along up to Christmas. Now we’re feeling we may have indulged a little too much and could do with a refreshing detox and some down time as we approach the New Year to start the year off right.We know the perfect solution to feel refreshed before the clock strikes for 2020. How about a Spa Day somewhere on the island to get away from the norm and come back to yourself for a moment.

As design lovers, we’ve chosen our favourite Spa locations in Mallorca and we are ready to put our feet up, face mask on and have a good detoxing massage to rejuvenate!

Son Brull Spa

Where design meets nature, nestled in the Tramuntana mountains, up north of the island. A perfect getaway spot to feel as if you’re having an escape for a day or weekend. This luxury boutique spa hotel is one of a kind as it’s gorgeous design opens up the interior into its surroundings with its tastefully designed villas providing full privacy for their guests. Their spa and sanctuary allows their guests to find peace and rejuvenate their senses with their contemporary designed pool area and all natural treatments to give you a complete detox.

Photo Credits: Son Brull Hotel

Cap Rocat Hotel

A well known, top luxury escape on the island. On the water’s edge with views that will take your breath away. This one of a kind hotel and spa offers you total relaxation to once again come back to yourself and reconnect to your soul. The design of this beautiful location has been carved out of the depths of the rocks in Cala Blava, the east coast of the island, sheltered within a fortress, designed in a roman . Everything here is calm and still. Where your lungs can take in the fresh air, lightening the load from the holidays and sinking in to absolute serenity.

Photo Credits: Cap Rocat Hotel & Spa

Fontsanta Hotel 

A exclusive hotel and Spa in Campos, in the midst of a natural park near to the naturist beach of Es Trenc. A thermal spa with the only natural hot springs with subterranean origin on the islands. An absolutely serene environment listening only to the sound of silence. Where the mind is still and allows room for inspiration. The rich salts and minerals in the waters stimulates a series of positive effects on the skin including improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation. Why not find out yourself about the healing powers of this special springs.

Photo Credits: Fontsanta Hotel & Spa

The New Year brings new goals and possibilities and we believe starting the year off with an open mind and rejuvenated soul is the perfect way to begin.