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Jan 17, 2020

Interior Design Trends for 2020

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New design trends are on the horizon for this new year of 2020 and it’s that time of year we are re-organizing ourselves and our homes, clearing out the old and making space for the new therefore we thought this is the perfect time to look into what trends we will be wanting for our homes this new year. And these were our favourites!


Pantone colour of the year has been announced, and this is the PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. The Classic Blue colour is described by Pantone as “an instilling calm, confidence and connection”. A recognizable, reliable colour that we all go to at one point or another. From a psychological point of view, blue brings us stability and has always represented calm, and in our world as it is today, with uncertainty about the future and our climate, BLUE has been chosen to be the colour you can rely on. So, let’s have a think, where can we add some classic blue to our home and earth the atmosphere. Perhaps in the sofa cushions, or bed throw. We are looking forward to some experimenting!

Photo Credits: Bconnected


Velvet is very particular to a person’s taste; you are either totally for it or against it in this case and this year we are most definitely for this perfect mix of luxury and comfort. It’s becoming more and more popular in the last year, particularly within the hotel and restaurant industry but now it is coming to our homes! You don’t need to go over the top, just adding it softly in a living space, from  upholstery to curtains and chairs, creating a totally new look to the room. Velvet is used well for both minimalist and maximalist design interiors, therefore the possibilities are endless! We are all for embracing this trend for 2020. Why not take an aesthetic risk and add a vibrant pink or orange feature to your living space?

Photo Credits: Bconnected

Earth base

Colours inspired by the Earth are here to stay! We all love an earthy-colour scheme and it has grown a lot over the last decade and looks like it will stick with us for now. Warm browns, sienna, creams, tan and soft grey tones create a classic overall look, playing with shades allows you to warm up the ambience. They make a great base for a home, to start here and adding hints of pastel colours as features creates a harmonious light-feel theme. Always a go to colour palette to stay when it comes to interior design, giving a luxurious and calming atmosphere that pleases the eye!

Photo Credits: Bconnected

Canopy beds

Another luxurious choice when it comes to interior design, and another very dependent on one’s taste but it looks like 2020 is bringing them back and creating an oasis of comfort vibe in the bedroom. You can choose your colour and fabric for the frame to fit in any space, just remember that they take up more room than you’d expect so make sure to do the measuring!

Photo Credits: Behance/Katerina Shahmanova

Floral wallpaper

Wallpapers have been crawling back on the scene the last few years, well now the old-fashioned look has turned contemporary and there is a strong attraction this coming year to the vibrant colours and patterns that just make your wall an eye-catcher. Abstract florals are a particular trend that we won’t be missing out on this year.

Photo Credits: Bconnected

Bold backsplash designs

Bored of the standard kitchen backsplash? Well this year brings some beautiful and bold designs allowing you to play and experiment with whatever patterns you fancy! Even if you have a plain, neutral kitchen, adding a vibrant backsplash gives it that pop and allows you to add your creative touch to the kitchen scene. We love some of the mixes of traditional and contemporary tiles that also takes into consideration of the history of the country you are in.

Photo Credits: Bconnected

Splash of Greenery

Last but not least, definitely one of our top favourites is incorporating a plant wall bringing environment into any room to embrace sustainable that we will be seeing many more of in the next decade. Towards the end of the last decade we saw any more plants added to homes, greenery was one of the biggest trends! Well now we are adding that environmental feel to our rooms with beautiful walls filled with greenery. Plants are a great way to clear the air in your home, and they don’t give you too much responsibility!

Photo Credits: Bconnected

What about you? We want to hear what design trends you will be following this year in your home!