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Jun 11, 2021

Mallorca is back to its full splendour

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The world is opening up again, and we can feel it. The energy has lifted in the streets and there is movement again. It feels surreal to even consider that we’ve been limited in such a manner. Mallorca always feels good, but there is a special vibe now as it’s getting busier with new faces. improving the mood of everyone. Streets are busier, rental car businesses are booked out again, real estate agents are running around showing property, and the yacht charter industry is flourishing once again. You particularly notice the change in activity drastically after seeing few boats out at sea all winter, the calm is no longer. Jet skis, water sports, group yacht parties, the island is truly coming back into its own and perhaps even more so than before. The flux of people who were so desperate to get away for a holiday the last year and a half have just flocked in, with the biggest smiles on their faces. Seems that people might have realized how special life is, and short and that we should all be doing exactly what we want to be doing. Appreciating every second. Living.

Us locals are taking more time to appreciate the island, visiting different areas such as strolling the charming pebbled streets of Valldemossa and having a Coca de Patata (local pastry) or enjoying a sundowner dinner with our feet in the sand at Patiki Beach in Soller.

Although we have unfortunately seen lots of businesses close down, we are now seeing an influx of new places opening and it is a very exciting time for both locals and tourists.

We are positive that the aftereffect of the situation will bring also wonderful things!