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Jun 4, 2021

Voro, cuisine with a Mediterranean spirit

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Mallorca was never really known for its fine dining, in fact, quite the opposite, but in the last years the gastronomic offer of the island has become quite amazing, with many Michelin starred restaurants, and among them, Voro, our favorite restaurant on the island, which currently holds one Michelin star, but hopefully will get the second one soon because it’s more than deserved.

Voro is located in the beautiful Cap Vermell hotel in Canyamel in the Northeast part of the island. This five-star resort is almost like a little village itself where you can completely disconnect from the rest of the world and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Photo credits: Voro / Cap Vermell Grand Hotel

Voro’s chef, Alvaro Salazar, used to work in Argos in the past and had already managed to get one Michelin Star, then he created Voro and got his star back just one year after opening, which is quite impressive. Alvaro’s cuisine is a trip through the Mediterranean with its main stops being Andalucía (where Alvaro is from), but also always with the presence of Mallorca with its ingredients and flavors.

A good example from Andalucía would be their classic dish, the Frozen Espeto which is a Sardine ice cream with a curated sardine on top, one of our favorites without a doubt. The contrast of sweet and savoury, the different temperatures in the same dish, just a perfectly executed dish!

Photo credits: The Gastro Journey

If you want the full experience, stay the night at the hotel, and enjoy a beautiful day there and end it with this fantastic experience at Voro for an unforgettable meal.

Instagram: @thegastrojourney