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Jun 18, 2021

Discover wonderful beaches near Santanyí

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A very beautiful rural part of the island is on the South-East coastline. Santanyi. Its authenticity is what attracts most people to the area, the pebbled narrow streets and blue shutters, the sand at footsteps away with the fresh breeze blowing through your hair. It is a serene ambience that captures most who stay there.

The area is very tranquil which attracts many international families who are looking for the chill Mediterranean lifestyle. With kilometers of white sand on either side of Santanyi being one of the main features of the area.

Photo credits: Cala S’Almunia  –

Cala S’Almunia is one of Santanyi’s local treasures. Hidden a little south of Santanyi. The cove offers crystal clear waters that will take your breath away from the beauty of it.  You’ll find some old traditional water frontage homes down by the beach which are likely still owned by the families whose families have handed them down over the years. The rocky areas of this bay are fascinating to do some snorkeling or simply place your towel down and relax with a good book, listening to the waves.

Photo credits: Playa Es Caragol / Cala S’Almunia -Pinterest

Playa Es Caragol is another beautiful setting, a slightly longer strip of white sand. The light blue waters stretch far out into the distance meaning transparency in the water wherever you are swimming. You can come here by boat or by car, either is easily accessible, it might be a small walk from the parking to the beach through the sand dunes. Many locals, as well as foreigners, come to Es Caragol to enjoy its beauty.

Photo credits: Cala Llombards –

Llombards is a slightly more rocky bay, for the more rural searching beachers. You’ll find picturesque coastline summer homes down by the water with their green shutters that create the most authentic scene. A popular beach most of the year and you’ll find a small chiringuito where you can get some snacks and drinks to enjoy while you’re relaxing here.

Photo credits: Cala Santanyi /

Last but not least is Cala Santanyi, A popular gorgeous bay which is very popular with foreigners in the summer month. A vibrant scene with people enjoying their boats or family get-togethers on the beach. Here you’ll be close to some of Playa Santanyi’s top restaurants and hotels as well as find some local shopping spots if you fancy a change of scenery.

Santanyi is full of various activities and is stunning sceneries. It is becoming more and more attractive to the artist or the international person looking for serenity and a more laid-back Mediterranean style of living.