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Jun 25, 2021

An unexpected schooling

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Often we are questioned what kind of clients we have to maybe try to standardize a type, a style or a working procedure.

If this current pandemic has taught us anything it is that this is something that no longer exists: the more you try to define a standard type, the more you will discover the new world we are living in and are not quite aware of. It is like when you look into a starry sky searching for a specific constellation only to discover, after a short while of having your gaze fixed on the endless deep blue, that you can see more and more bright lights and everything changes…with you having consciously done anything.

This is the case with the clients we have, they never cease to amaze us and the moment we think we might have a trend, we realize that the only trend is openness and understanding. This project we come to show you today was a very challenging one as the clients knew exactly what they wanted, to the stitch and button, and some things were not available to us, in a country that did not delivery to Spain, let alone the island of Mallorca. Items from the most diverse suppliers that we had to guide and guess, with the experience we have behind us as certain backup, as matching pieces that would have a nice, elegant and interesting conversation instead of a cacophonic random sound. A home is a home only if the human beings within it feel it as such, and the symphony has to match the notes of their desires, wishes and everyday rhythms.

We had to provide but also advise, which in some cases is not easy, as was this. But it was the best school we ever attended, so much so we actually thought of inviting the clients as our consultants…given the vastness of their knowledge.

The space was smack in the middle of Palma’s oldest soul, an area in the process of being requalified (just as our entire reality!), a building with history that had its womb redesigned to modern standards without loosing it’s soul. The lines we were given to design were very “pythagorically” precise: precise, incisive and clear. The tones were exquisitely elegant shades of champagne with snow icicles and misty smoke, transpiring peace and wellbeing by expanding the spaces limited by walls in its harmony.

The furniture choices were only the “crème de la crème”, Gervasoni sofa, bespoke silk rugs, Gubi armchair and travertine coffe table. Porta Romana table lamps (simply mesmerizing!), Poliform bedside tables, all embraced by the unique Designers Guild linen fabrics.

We must say there are some secrets we must keep, the very personal touches, the alchemy of what we do and who we are, allow us this veil!

However, we would like to mention an anecdote: there was a lamp we were honored to choose that was only available through THE CONRAN SHOP (yes, we went to that extent even after BREXIT!), only to find out it was out of stock, but this did not stop us. Performing a fun investigation we went to the source and had the kindest surprise when finally we heard such a nice voice at the other end of the call saying this was her workshop, directly from Italy (Che bella cosa!!!) and she would be thrilled to produce 2 lamps for us…ahhh…come è bella la vita così! Thank you Britta Neumann.

Challenges only come to you when you are fit for the task. Whatever the result it is never ever a loss, always a lesson…and this, my friends, was a wonderfully designed challenge and please remember, if you think bconnected is about a style, a lot of colour and bold choices, think again as we, like an HONEST Arsène Lupin, can transform and deliver where you least expect it, making an entertaining game out of life as much as possible.

Monica Cernich

Senior Interior Designer bconnected