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Oct 25, 2019


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In a previous post, “Catch me by the sea”, we presented you one of our latest projects.

Today our Senior Interior Designer Monica Cernich tells us how the interior design department approaches the commissioning of a new project.

How do we catch you by the sea?

This is about how we work and the approach we have when we have the thrill to open our hearts to a client. Design is about the heart, yes, and it is also definitely about knowledge and experience and this is a 5-star service at bconnected.

A mood-board is an invitation, a design presentation that involves a lot of hard work and research. Investigation and optimization, but always and foremost a quality that – thank God!- is not measurable: intuition.

With intuition, we sit in a circle and our team kicks it off with a starting point and from there it is like composing a melody: it all unravels beautifully. A concept that has in its core the lives of those who will inhabit the space, their rhythms, preferences, education, cultural interest, and background.

But let us also say that we, as Interior Designers, are deeply aware that we need to have a solid back office (or backstage as we like to say) that can respond to every request, be it the search of a certain material, piece or item; or the managing of warehouse space, orders’ deadlines and supervision of received goods.

With the day comes the night; with the glamour of choosing eternal linen fabrics and lushly silk pieces comes the toughness of excel sheets and rough phone calls and through it all, full hands in and on, we come through the other side with gratefulness and a stunning result.

So, again, how do we catch you by the sea? We sit with you, as our client, and listen and observe. We take notes and thoroughly go through them pointing out the do’s and the don’ts, knowing what you want, what you are aware of and intuitively seeing what you are not aware of and would be perfect for you.

With this summon we put a mood-board together and give images to dreams. We sit again and decide, make the numbers add and go down this melody until a final project is done…and that is where it all begins: you, your dream home and the perfect place to live.

Monica Cernich
bconnected Interior Design

If you want us to help you make your dream project a reality, feel free to contact our bconnected Interior Design department to arrange an appointment.

We’ll be thrilled to create it with you!