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Oct 21, 2019

Top 12 Hotel Designs around the World

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Top 12 Hotel Designs around the World

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Hotel design is an exciting world in which many factors must be taken into account to create a concept of functionality with style to achieve a unique guest experience.

There are some spectacular hotels around the world that are ever so inspiring in the design industry.

From bconnected as lovers of architecture, design and interior design we want to share with you a selection of hotels that fascinate us for their style, the underlying concept and the atmosphere achieved in their interiors.

United States

Thompson Chicago

Photo credit Thompson Chicago

British designer Tara Bernerd takes us on a truly inspiring journey as we take a look around the Thompson Hotel, in the heart of Chicago City. Every corner giving a story to tell. Using a mid-century concept combining authentic chandeliers and curtains with industrial contrasting features.

The rooms give off a more contemporary modern feel whilst focusing on a mauve and neutral color scheme. Tara and her team use intricate lighting throughout the hotel to highlight architectural space. A stunning combination of design concepts.



Photo credit Azulik

Azulik is a hospitality villa concept designed to reconnect you with nature. Taking you out of your daily stresses and routine into another world of tranquility and calm.

Designed with no modern technology such as televisions, air-con, wifi or electric light, the concept of Azulik is to allow you to truly disconnect, 100 percent allowing us to get back in touch with nature and our surroundings. Natural local materials are used throughout the design to embrace what is provided by Tulum. A truly magical experience to reconnect with your soul.


Little Albion

Photo credit Little Albion

Across the vast oceans and right at the other side of the world, in the Australian city of Sydney. A new trend of boutique hotels emerges. A more intimate design that is decorated to every detail, delightfully surprising the inquisitive traveler with its quaint style and intricate combinations of contemporary designs. A fresh ambience that is a delightful change in the hospitality industry.


Stamba Hotel

Photo credit Stamba Hotel

A journey through history as you enter the Stamba Hotel in one Georgia’s most quirkiest areas. The reformation of what was Georgia’s most important printing house, having taken the verdant courtyard and passages and created this new presence that combines modern design with culture.

Now known as a popular hub for travelers and local visionaries, the ambience of this hotel leaves plenty of room for creativity.  The rooms kept their traditional style by using features from the historic printing house and combining industrial chic aesthetics to create this refreshing concept.


Hôtel National Arts & Métiers

Photo credit Hôtel National Arts & Métiers

There is a very timeless feel about Hotel National Arts & Métiers, the kind of vibe you can only find in the heart of France’s capital. Although well kept, you can see the long life the façade has had through the years which only adds more of an authentic Parisian aura to this piece of history.

The beautiful entrance looks like something you’d find in an old film with its romantically lit hallway and quaint windows on either side. Designed using the finest materials and crafted by French savoir-fair artisans. The architect Raphael Navot creates the perfect blend of innovation and artisanship.


El Fenn, Marrakech

Photo credit El Fenn, Marrakech

After a two-year renovation, The El Fenn in the exotic city of Marrakech, was transformed into a Morroqui oasis, creating the perfect retreat hideaway. The renowned Moroccan architect, Amine Kabbaj, kept the traditional features this historic building had to offer and gave the walls a new soul by using local craftsmen to use the spirit of the building and combine this with a contemporary twist to give a warm welcome to its international guests.

Retro furniture was sourced from local flea markets and combined with bespoke pieces to create this unique concept. The virtue of the space is how it embraces tranquility whilst allows you to dive into the culture of the surroundings.


Bambu Indah

Photo credit Bambu Indah

A truly exotic experience awaits you when you stay in the Bambu Indah hotel in Bali. Bali is already a unique experience for the soul even before you dive into Bali’s spiritual center of Ubud where John Hardy and his wife Cynthia created this sustainable retreat.

Since starting, as rooms solely for their friends and family guests, the hotel has evolved and become one of the world’s most exquisite hotels. Surrounded by lush rice fields and a garden of vegetables and local ceremonial plants, the hotel itself is designed out of bamboo. Bamboo is well known for its sustainable qualities which what makes it so special in design, plus the factor that it’s incredible strong and well maintained.

The heart and soul of the hotel is also emphasized in its interior where they’ve collected treasures from their travels around the world, from places including Africa, Indonesia and South America. “Bambu Indah inspires excitement about how the future can be.”


Casa Cook Kos

Photo credit Casa Cook Kos

A shift to serenity is the concept that Casa Cook Kos aims to deliver. Footsteps away from Bodrum, a purely private retreat that takes all the senses into consideration, applying a holistic approach to the guests’ experience.

A Moroccan twist to Greek architecture taking the traditional mid-century design and adding natural textures of Moroccan charm. The common areas are designed with the word “relax” in mind, with neutral colours and comfortable furniture that give off a sense of calm.


Ka Bru forest treehouse

Photo credit Ka Bru forest treehouse

In the heart of the Atlantic rainforest in the state of Bahia, Brazil, is the Kabru Forest Villa. An ethically crafted tree house style villa that will take your breath away. An architectural masterpiece crafted beautifully from wood, with bright, open spaces that let you immerse yourself directly with nature, reaching the trees from your bedroom.

The aim of this jungle retreat is to allow you to experience nature from within. A unique experience of senses created by its design.


Artic treehouse hotel

Photo credit Artic treehouse hotel

Find luxury comfort in the midst of the Artic nature. A cozy Scandinavian design that contradicts the norm in tree house architecture. The huge windows that take up the entire façade of the villa allows you to take in your surroundings as if you were living in nature.

With front seat views to the spectacular Northern lights that astound so many. The warm interiors all designed to create the ambience allowing you to embrace the tranquility and natural environments. A magnificent Finnish experience combining extraordinary design with a unique location.

South Africa

Lion Sands River Lodge

Photo credit Lion Sands River Lodge

A very special architectural design, hidden between the trees in the Lion Sands Game Reserve. This exquisite hotel combines chalet like design with modern African trends pairing large glass entrances and windows with a rustic wood frame, giving you an authentic African experience at its finest.

The heart and soul of this beautiful architectural location is its open spaced courtyard between the buildings. Centering on an open fire pit surrounded by built-in African inspired lounge furniture, inviting guests to gather for get togethers early evening in this idyllic romantic setting. A very inspirational and beautiful setting.


The Serras Hotel

Photo credit The Serras Hotel

In the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, history, art and design come together in a boutique hotel whose historic façade, dating back to 1846, is directly oriented towards the Mediterranean.

All its spacious and luminous rooms have balconies through which the gentle sea breeze flows and in which one breathes the elegant atmosphere and impeccable design that combines simple lines, white backgrounds and parquet floors with geometric designs of tiles that recall the classic Barcelona style.

Its roof, called “El sueño de Picasso” (Picasso’s dream), stands out for being the painter’s first studio, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Port Vell Marina, while tasting the gastronomic delights of Chef Marc Gascons, awarded with a Michelin star.

A pleasure for the senses in a privileged Barcelona location.