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Apr 30, 2021

Fresh spring flowers in interior design

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Ready to get inspired for spring? What better way to get ready for Spring by celebrating flowers and plants and what better time than around Mothers Day. Flower arrangements are the perfect addition to freshen up any room in the house to begin the season. Flowers can be such a personal choice, it can depend on the personality of a person, the mood at the time, the smell, the environment, so many influences. You can place bouquets or baskets of aromatic fresh-cut flowers or silk stems on foyer tables, kitchen islands, dining tables, end tables, bathroom counters, and bedside tables.

Adding flowers is a romantic and emotional thing, it can lift the mood with its bright colours and gorgeous scents.

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If you prefer a neutral colour scheme in your home perhaps a green plant or a green and white flowering plant would fit well to compliment the space. They can also be a great inspiration for selecting spring home decorating colors and patterns. Spring decorating color shades, traditional patterns, contemporary prints and creative painting ideas for walls or ceilings bring energy and beauty into spring homes, making rooms feel fresh and happy. A white vase might give you a sense of space and cleanliness whereas a terracotta pottery-based vase will give warmth and add personality.

Fresh colourful flowers can give you a sense of positivity when you enter a room especially mood-enhancing colours like lilac and yellows. It also gives you something to look forward to, changing your bouquet every once and a while gives you a sense of creativity. You can also get creative with the base that the flowers are in. Containers and vases can match home decor whilst complimenting floral arrangements and fresh spring flowers in bouquets. They can be made of various unique textures that can soften the mood in the interior design. A glass or ceramic vase is a modern accent that is being used a lot recently giving the space a contemporary look. 

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Why not treat your mother or yourself to a fresh bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day and watch the benefits for yourself. Tulips, daffodils, marigolds, daisies, and violets are the perfect fit for a spring theme. For more inspiration take a look at this Pinterest moodboard that we have created for you. And if you need a beautiful vase to make your spring bouquet look perfect, don’t hesitate to visit our showroom in Bendinat.