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Apr 23, 2021

Functional can be very chic!

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When you haven’t got the space or everything in your home, some interior design help can convert a space to have two different functions.

It’s all about making practicality look chic.

Recently our team have put together this moodboard for a project where the kids playing room can easily be converted into a cosy guest room.  

Brightness & colour

A bright room gives way for much creativity and love. With a small space but some natural light, you can create wonders. A combination of warm colours of cushy cushions give the space a homely yet fun feel. Colours that seemingly blend with the colours of the lego blocks organized in their cabinets. A Mediterranean touch with pastel coloured patterned in the furniture will give the space a wonderful coastal feel.

Practical furniture pieces

sofa bed is ideal in a space that needs to be practical because you can bring it out whenever you need it for guests but the rest of the time it can be a convenient sofa giving more space for the floor space.

The perfect armchair for the corner to watch those special moments from of your kids at play or for your guests to rest their handbag or jacket on, it will come in handy for many aspects. Play around with wall accessories, whether you choose them to be mirrors, photography or artwork you can have some fun here with their placement or colour scheme to fit in with both the playroom or the guest room vibe.

What a way to have fun with a simple space. You can contact our team directly if you would like to have any advice on what to do with a room or home to make it that bit more practical. Just give us a ring.