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May 7, 2021

Take a walk through our Bendinat headquarters!

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What awaits us around the corner is always a very human concern. Curiosity, hope, wishful thinking, and so many emotions design the roadmap of our personal path and while we swirl accompanying the playful streets of this marvelous island designed by nature, we can come to crossroads that make us stop, voluntary or involuntarily.

Halt, take a breath and stop a beat, this is a very juicy quiet moment when you find what is around the corner is anything and everything, expected and so very unexpected. Simple and yet so very elaborated: the art of bringing happiness.

Let go, really let yourself go, and walk into the new headquarters of this space that was passed down to us to honor the beauty and serve with grace and respect: bconnected by the sea.

Have you tried coming up the main staircase? Did you notice the carefully chosen pieces that harmonize within and without…and all around? Did you stop and listen to the conversation between the soft Mediterranean waves washing the quiet shore and the creatures that bring it to lifecasting brushstroke shadows over their flight to guide and maybe even direct the orchestra in which bconnected is a new proud glorious member?

The music is magnificent and as such, it can only inspire and enhance what is a company trademark: a unique design and service. Our interior Design Studio has gone to an entirely new level because abundance follows bliss and this is how we feel and this is the feeling we share willingly with our clients and spills into each and every project on our desks.

If you decide to come and visit this new space you will not need to read this text, you will feel it instantly and appreciate what we sip every morning and to level with paradise, we have chosen every piece to dance this dance and surprise, be enjoyable and light, the lightness that designs perfect spaces to match the perfect inhabitant.

From art to furniture, from deco pieces to cool caps as well as soft furnishing in the best fabric choices to wrap around you and be of use and comfort, topping it all with good taste…impeccably cool good taste.

And we will welcome you to our home as if it were yours and you will sit on a sofa and know and feel exactly what we mean, but there is no other way: you have to taste it, smell it, feel it, live it.

Monica Cernich

Senior Interior Designer bconnected

We are waiting for you in our office to welcome you personally. In case you can’t pass by, we have created this video for you: take a virtual walk through our Bendinat headquarters!