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Oct 4, 2019


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Autumn has arrived and we are all welcoming it with open arms! We’ve seen Mallorca at its busiest, sprawled ourselves on the beach most weekends and dealt with one of the warmest summers we’ve known. Do you find that summer is also a time filled with plans? There are always things going on, whether it’s events, get-togethers, weddings or holidays planned. When Autumn hits, it feels as if the world has slowed down suddenly, and when the weekend comes, we are often left at a loose end on what to do. As beautiful as our city of Palma is and the attraction it brings from all over the world, it is often nice to get out of the city from time to time.

The countryside is a lovely escape for those that want to spend time in nature and breathe in the fresh countryside air. There are many beautiful Mallorcan towns spread out over the island that are worth a visit. Many of which have traditional weekly markets, that make a pleasant Sunday day trip, such as the Santa Maria market.

Best to leave your car outside the town and after strolling down the narrow residential streets of the town you’ll come to its square where you’ll find all the fresh fruit and veg that you can imagine. That being said they are not only fresh but great quality and usually larger in size. The smells as you walk through the stalls are overwhelming, from olive stands, pastries to the typical Mallorcan chorizo, it’s hard to walk past without buying anything! A great plan would be to do your weekly shop here at these markets therefore you can bring your reusable bag and fill up with everything you need.

The charm of these towns and living in the countryside is one of a kind. Have you ever considered moving out of the city? Where the only sounds you can hear are the sheep bells.

Take a look at this beautiful villa available in Binissalem, close by to Santa Maria and get inspired!

And if you need some advice on looking for properties in a wide range of prices in the countryside, our colleagues from Real Estate will be glad to help you!