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Oct 11, 2019

Eco Living in Mallorca

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There is a lot of heat on the topic at the moment of climate change and living more eco-friendly to help our planet. While young activists like Greta Thunberg are opening our eyes drastically by creating awareness all over the world, we thought we’d put together some ways in which we can help in our daily lives here in Mallorca.

Cleanwavemovement are on a mission to reduce the use of plastic water bottles in the Balearics. After having researched that we are using 1.5 million plastic bottles a day here on the islands, threatening the sustainability of our sea, they’ve set out to make free drinking water more accessible by introducing free water fountains over the island that are available for both locals and visitors to minimize plastic use. These you can find right here in Palma or near beaches like the Playa de Palma.

Photo credits: Clean Wave Movement

If you have a business and office, there are also a few companies on the island that you can use to bring re-used water containers monthly, therefore not having to be ordering hundreds of plastic water bottles every year as we have no system for empty plastic bottles.

We can create a big difference by making our regular shop in our local markets. When you think about all the transport that is done for products to reach our supermarkets from all over the world, how much it would help climate change if we all decided to use our local producers. This is almost an effortless change for us to make, as the island is filled with great food markets offering fresh produce.

There has also been the introduction of innovative stores such as NU-Market opening up in town where you can take your jars or reusable bags into the store and do your regular shop, in bulk without using plastic and they make sure they don’t have any waste. Offering you all organic produce as well, what more of a reason do we need to make a difference.

Photo Credits: Nu Market Palma

Worried about our beaches in the high season? Beach Clean Balearic have been encouraging us to help them in their regular beach cleaning days to clear the beaches of all the waste that gets collected, brought from the sea or left behind by some of us. You can make a big difference just by dedicating a couple of hours on a weekend to help keep our islands protected.

Photo credits: Beach Clean Baleares

These are just a few differences we can make in our daily lives here on the islands and every small change helps.

It’s not only these brave activists making the change, If we all try to change a few of our daily habits, we too can make a difference.