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Jul 24, 2020

We move out to move in

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From hip urban Santa Catalina to breathtaking seaside front view row and we will reserve all the seats for our clients because you deserve the best vision of the show! And because a great vision requires the courage to embrace change and set ourselves for success, it is time to take this natural step and provoke the change with a unified dream.

We grow in movement, we expand in vision and we challenge the transition to dive into new waters, keeping the same spirit and broadening our essence. 

If we thrive, our clients will thrive. If we have the best perspective, our clients will have the best results, if we relax by the seaside, our guests will rejoice with us and this move is key to an ever-changing world and an evolving business that goes where the mission calls.

Imagine the coolest landmark that summarizes in a postcard view the very best of Mallorca, the reason why we are all here.

Imagine the flow of a team that finally will move together, not in the same neighborhood, not in the same street, not in the shop next door but in the same unified space: a free-flowing work experience that will optimize the output, upgrade the final results and bring so much pleasure to the everyday chores.


Imagine the best match for a group like bconnected and you will be swept off your feet, we promise!