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Jul 17, 2020


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It is official, we will let you in on a very special secret: we are very colour sensitive.

Everybody is aware colour is a base ingredient in interior design, in life, actually! The secret of colours and its meaning has been and is studied widely and brightly; as therapy, as mood swinger, as space optimizer, as effective sale tool and even as taste enhancer.

At our Interior Design Studio we write scripts with colour. We can name a project after it, we can change a concept around just to match one that we think is paramount and we name them for the story they inspire us, the movie we see when visualizing the art of interiors we have on our hands in any given situation.

So, to us NCS is not Neat Crafted Stimuli nor Nice to Create Successfully nor Never Commence on a Sunday LOL style abbreviations… No, we name colours not by their NCS code, definitely not.

So NCS S 1020R, in our language is DAWN PINK. Dawn is the elegant shade of the day, the moment to retreat and balance. The solemn meeting with the truth of what we have experienced during the day. The gathering of the harvest we have so creatively, wisely and hopefully, gratefully, planted seed by seed. The final touch to the story is only spiced by the combination we decide upon. Is to dawn pink you add musk green, you have about the most comforting conversation between colours.

NCS S 6530-G50Y is the one and only MUSK GREEN we refer to. It is a shade that delights us with references of nature that are irrevocably tied to sageness, the quality that brings the perfect balance to living, be it indoors or outdoors.

So, let the conversation begin and we will bewilder you with options that can accompany this moment with a refreshing tropical juice, and an elegant dry martini or a wild mint mojito. In a future blog post, we will leave the actors and change the scene so you understand exactly what we are talking about.

Leading roles: a swivel chair and a ceramic base floor lamp. Let’s get started…

Monica Cernich – bconnected Senior Interior Designer