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Jul 31, 2020

Before and after: When your second residence becomes your first home

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We are so grateful for every project that lands on our laps because they seem to be attuned with our very essence, you know what I mean?  Like when there is no need to try a dress you don’t like and even have to use it because you are the bride’s maid and there is no sugar coating it…you go and present yourself to the world in something that does not, in the very least, express who you are and it makes you feel awkward…well we have the luxury of never ever having to dress the wrong look and we are so very grateful for this!

This case we bring to you today could have been the case but it was not. Why could it have been so? Because not only did we not know our client (which is normal) but he didn’t know himself either in the sense that it was the first time he had a full Interior Design sketched for his second home overlooking the Mediterranean warm Sea.

And first timers can be easy or they can be tricky…we had a first meeting in our showroom and presented mood-boards. We discussed the do’s and don’ts: the case is an open space apt with 2 suites and a huge terrace. A single man that has his second home in first class on quite a couple of airlines (so actually, this was his third and not second home!) and is used to surfing through time zones and traditional customs so different you would think you changed planets not continents…in some cases even travelled in a time capsule…but those are stories for another kind of blog!

So, our very man man with a very young boyish touch, a man that likes his beer and his soccer, enjoys a good laugh and appreciates the shades of the different cultures he encounters like a good chess game where he places his figures apparently light hearted to seem distracted but knowing exactly what he is doing while doing business. And why are we revealing all this? Because it can give you a fine image of the work we had on the tip of our pencils. We had to find out what it was our client needed with precision and answer questions he himself did not know he had asked!

The skeleton was already a bconnected sculpted piece and no changes were required even though quite some years had gone by. It actually looked new which can also be a challenge as, how do you make a new apartment shine again as new?! How can you improve what looks perfect?

The answer is simple: address the dressing with new stitching! And that is what we did and to add challenge to an added challenge, let me tell you our meeting with the client was back in March, yes March 2020…and the delivery was, to be exact, the 1st of July 2020. It is a project so protected by the Gods I cannot begin to explain.

Delivery dates, production and choosing of finishing (not in this order, needless to say…) was an obstacle jump, kangaroo style making ends meet and timing match and delivery possible and and and…so many of those…in a pandemic world.

But let’s get down to the recipe: a very manly apartment, a business man that enjoys the tranquil shades of grey (the tranquil and the colour not to mistaken it with GRAY shades…!) and trusts our smooth spices of colours such as white and dark blue to find cohesion and balance, as well as wooden vintage surfaces closely guarded by clean grey tops. Not too cold, not too feminine, the right weight of each to make yang match ying.

We did it all and we delivered and we went beyond what our kind client expected and we simply LOVE that, the look of surprise has no equal match…or maybe it does, the look of joy every time our client flies back and tells us today, this is his first home only because we made it so…nothing beats that!

Monica Cernich – bconnected Senior Interior Designer