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Oct 23, 2020

Creativity in its purest form: a project like a blank canvas

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Nothing allows for so much creativity than starting with a blank canvas. We are always excited when we receive the beginning of a project that means starting from scratch, either an unfurnished space or a new build construction ready to go from the plans.

Especially when it’s an open space with large floor-length windows such as our Palm Springs design. Embracing the surroundings by being able to see the flourished gardens from every angle of the interior. With each blank canvas, we can play with colour and materials. In Palm Springs we are able to effortlessly pair chic décor with a mid-century modern twist because of the plot having so much natural light and views of this beautiful Mediterranean scenery, this project deserved a playful look combining coastal design with a touch of glamour.

Hollywood Hills is another breathtaking design that can give the owner an oasis feel that embraces its environment. A design that can be done completely bespoke by our passionate bconnected team. Starting from scratch with an empty space to design, we are able to embellish it with local natural materials. Inspired by Los Angeles and memories drawn from history, we created this design off of transparency. Combining elegance with colour influenced by the Mediterranean touches within its surroundings. This is truly a design that feeds all senses.

Located on the coastal hills of the luxurious Bendinat is our Malibu Style project. An empty plot ready for a spectacular, designed from step 1 with its potential new owners giving them the utmost flexibility in how they can have the design turn out. This project is the idyllic image that comes into your head when you think of Malibu. A clean design placed on a sloping plot, enjoying the southwest all-day sunshine. It portrays creativity at its highest standards. An open living design with a Miami chic look, designed amongst the luscious Mediterranean gardens that surround a gorgeous swimming pool and terrace area to be enjoyed by friends and family.

Blank spaces can give the best starting points for our design team to let their creativity run wild and truly surprise our clients with an extraordinary result. If you want a unique design that stands out from the rest and is 100% customised, do not hesitate to contact us and let yourself be surprised by our original and refreshing proposals.