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Oct 16, 2020

Welcoming Autumn with open arms!

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Watching the many different shades of brown and red fall from the trees down the Borne and thinking about taking a throw on a jumper or jacket when we are out in the evenings. There are very few drizzly days here in Mallorca so for us, Autumn just means a cooler temperature, a breath of fresh air, and the occasional overcast sky, which we welcome. Autumn is the perfect time to get outside after a long summer of humidity and enjoy the outdoors. The island is full of varied nature activities excursions such as hiking up to the top of the mountains and seeing the island from a high perspective, enjoying a picnic at the peak, and frequently running into some wild goats or donkeys on the way up.

Walks on the beach are particularly special this time of year, with no one around and a clear path with no sunbeds. This is the perfect time to enjoy a morning or evening stroll by yourself, with loved ones or your dog, and get some fresh air whilst admiring the beauty of the island across the bay. Cycling is a typical activity of the less warm months in Mallorca, particularly during the autumn. These are the quieter months on the roads and there are still sunny days to enjoy a pleasant ride.

Photo credits: Photo by David Vives on Unsplash / Photo by David Di Veroli on Unsplash

If you’re not the outdoor adventurous type, Autumn is also the perfect “chill time”. Grab a book, a cup of tea, or your favorite Pumpkin spice latte and just relax. The autumn air is a special one that gives us a sense of peace, where there is no urgency for things to get done or stresses of plans. Now that bikini season is over, why not accompany your downtime with your favorite Cachao chocolates combined with a glass of red. Nothing beats the flavorsome aroma of chocolate on your palette after a long day’s work. The paleo-friendly, organic cacao is one of a kind, hand made on our very own island. If you haven’t already you must try the different flavors, rosemary, and walnut being our choice for the cosy season.

Photo credits: Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash / Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

Speaking of red wine, why not take a trip to one of the many high-quality vineyards we have available to us on the island. This makes a lovely day trip with friends and loved ones to try the different aromas and see how the product is made.

Photo credits: Cachao / Photo by Kelly Visel on Unsplash

We wish you all a calm and relaxing month and hope you enjoy the new air as much as we will!