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Sep 11, 2020

How to use lighting to set the mood

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The lighting of a space is a key important factor in interior design, as the beauty of the design won’t show unless the lighting is positioned in the perfect way, it also sets the entire mood for the room. Taking great consideration of the aura that the room intends to give off provides the very base of what an interior designer needs to know to begin adding lighting as for example, an office space where a strong bright light is needed compared to a living room or bedroom that needs a lighter, warm light to set the mood.

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There are many types of lighting, some are more intense than others. This is especially true in rooms designed for reading, studying or work, etc like an office. An office may have numerous different lights, including peripheral lighting that runs in parallel with the room’s task because office and computer rooms need ambient lighting in addition to a special lamp for reading.

You can use lighting to make a statement, the light fixture can become the whole feature to the room but not being too overwhelming depending on the space you have and the style.

Photo credits: bconnected projects

If you want a lighthearted ambience that is mood-lifting to you and your guests, you can use lighting to combine design styles perhaps adding a traditional light feature to a contemporary space that leaves the design feeling timeless. You can perfectly combine modern and timeless fixtures to give the perfect balance of styles. Playing around with styles is often the best way to create a unique look.

Nowadays it is quite a trend to add natural elements to the walls and ceilings incorporating a beautiful stone featured wall lamp or pearl-like feature. A popular design lately is hanging pearl-like shells from the ceiling which combines a beach yet luxury feel. Adding these touches of Earth can give off a calming aura and gives a room more depth.

Photo credits: Verpan

Modern and unique is one to have fun with! Don’t be afraid to mix it up and add something that is totally different from your norm or the design of your room. This allows you to have fun with the design of the space. The lighting feature can be contracted to the design of the room and grab guests’ attention.

We recommend layering the lighting in your home, mixing up floor lamps, wall and ceiling lights. Creating a different ambience and interest. Even the smallest details make a great impact so don’t be nervous about adding a simple lighting feature to your home because ultimately it’s the way it makes you feel that is important, you’re setting the scene for your home.

If you have a space that you think needs a touch of light, do not hesitate to contact us and we will look for the luminaires that make it shine.