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May 1, 2020

Terraces that bring us closer to the outside

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Where have we been spending most of our time lately? Aside from inside our apartments, it’s our terraces! We are using every excuse there is to grab some fresh air and feel the sun warm up our skin, even for just a moment.

We have decided to dedicate this next blog to our precious terraces because we never appreciated them as much as we do now. What does yours look like? Have you put some thought into making it cosy and just like you like it?

How about adding a cultural touch with some traditional patterned tiles, or any pattern for that matter which inspires you. Vibrant mosaics can create the perfect backdrop for your terrace furniture to make the space cosy and inviting.

Photo credits: Roman Kuhn – project by bconnected  / Nikolay Limanskiy

Oriental influences in design is a very popular choice when it comes to terracing because of their use of wood and natural materials. Used in an organic form, these materials can make you feel as if you are in a secluded oasis somewhere in the midst of Asia. A perfect escape vibe that creates a getaway from the daily routine, right in your apartment.

Photo credits: Mauricio Fuertes – project by bconnected / Jerovanderspek

With the climate change issue being a huge influence in our lives recently, how about creating an eco-friendly space, that uses no plastic and more natural materials that keep the impact on the environment at a minimum. You could incorporate some bamboo styles which is one of the fasted types of trees to grow, making it an ideal choice.

Photo credits: Kate Holstein / Photo via Pinterest

Let your imagination lead you with a rule-breaking boho themed terrace, mixing up patterns and colourful fabrics to create a heart-filled warm feel as you sit on your terrace enjoying the space. Bohemian furniture creates the perfect cosy surrounding. You can make this design truly your own because it’s unique to every person’s personality. Whilst there are no rules, warm earthy tones are common. You can also add culture in textiles and patterns from all over the world.

Photos via Pinterest

Another design theme is to bring the inside out, by not keeping with the usual terrace theme but making it more cosy with furniture that looks like it belongs inside. Bringing your lounge outside, extending the theme and making it all look like one creates a very open and blended vibe. A modern trend to incorporate in your home.

Photo credits: Mauricio Fuertes / Photo via Pinterest

Green, green, green. Are you one of those people who just loves having the energy of greenery surrounding you? Why not take that to your terrace space to create an idyllic oasis getaway, filled with different types of plants that lift the mood and pour out positive energy. You could even make your own little herb garden which can come as very practical if you’re a whizz in the kitchen, and what a healthy & eco-friendly alternative rather than buying from the supermarket!

Photos via Pinterest

Swings! If you have enough space, a swing of some sort either attached to the ceiling or built from the floor, is a perfect piece of furniture to have on the terrace. You can decorate it to suit your taste or the latest trends. Here you can sit back and relax, whilst the movement creates a particularly calming sensation to ease the stresses of the day, you might find yourself sat there for hours!

Photos via: / Pinterest

Last but not least, and definitely one of our favourites, is to decorate the terrace floor, making it the feature of the space. Making it super cosy and welcoming for you and your future guests. Once you choose the featuring carpet, you can add the rest of the furniture bit by bit to create the perfect vibe.

Photos via / Pinterest

If you want to keep inspiring yourself on this subject don’t miss our Pinterest Pinboard with a lot of ideas!