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Jul 3, 2020

Surprise your family and friends with our table setting tips!

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You might think setting a table is an easy task. For most of us, we would simply put it together with the plates, knives, and forks and leave it at that. However, your dining room table setting plays an important part in creating the atmosphere for get-togethers with guests. It adds color and personality to the room, reflects how formal the gathering will be. There is an art to table setting that will greatly improve the ambience while eating and we do want our guests to feel at ease when they’re in our homes.
First and most important is the type of ambience you want to give off, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, farewell dinner… each tone can set a different mood.

Whether you opt for a tablecloth or a bare table with beautiful tablemats. It can be elegant or more casual vibe. The centerpiece is a feature you’ll add to the experience which will catch everyone’s attention most of the night so it’s a very important part of the atmosphere, whether it’s a basket of fruit of a special sculpture or vase. There are many different ways to play with the design of your table setting to make it look more presentable.

You can mix up fabrics, colours, and patterns in the tablecloth, napkins, napkin utensils, to all coordinate with one another or in different styles to mix it up. You can truly be very creative when creating the setting. Your china and glasses could be chosen to bring out your personality, whether you like standard ones or perhaps a locally made ceramic set that creates an earthy environmentally feel. You can add décor detail in ornaments on the table to give that special touch, small treats on each plate, handwritten place cards, ribbon. All of which fits the way you want your guests and yourself to feel at the dining table.

If you want to find out more ideas on how you can set up a table to blow your guests away, we’ve made the Pinterest board “21 Best Table setting images in 2020”…to inspire you and make your celebrations a success!

Pictures: Table decoration of finished bconnected projects / Photo Credit – Mauricio Fuertes