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Jun 26, 2020

Before and after: A Jewel in San Magin

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There are some projects that we are really able to add our distinct bconnected touch to and truly evolve into a design, ones where we can play with fabrics, patterns and adding that special touch to create a unique style within a home. Project Santa Catalina Gem is exactly that.

What was a standard old fashioned style, dark and closed off to the exteriors, has been transformed. At first, it is a sight for sore eyes, however when looked at closely, your mind opens up to the special features that a Mallorcan home has such as their solid wood ceiling beams or they’re high ceilings. Elements that give the perfect base to grow from.

A flamboyant feel in the air washes through this distinctive jewel of an apartment. In the buzzling heart of Santa Catalina, known as the more artsy side of Palma, this one of a kind home stands out from the rest. From chandelier lighting to gold polished faucets throughout, what really catches your eye in this home is the designer feel it gives off when you enter. An exclusive blend of materials and colours, a contemporary vibe where nothing is too ordinary for taste. Mediterranean tiles with a twist cover the bathroom walls, whilst historically patterned wallpaper takes the protagonist role in the bedrooms.

An eclectic combination through which everything is perfectly balanced. Bright coastal colours are used in the fabrics in the curated furniture to enlighten the space and a soft grey marble gives the kitchen surfaces a luxurious yet exclusive feel combined with its dark oak and glass cupboards, not closing anything off to create the openness that this project desires. Our bconnected team are truly proud to see such a project come together in all aspects.

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Photo credit finished project: Mauricio Fuertes Photography –