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Jul 16, 2021

Mallorcan handicrafts for a Mediterranean feeling

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This year we are looking more and more for local handcrafted products from the island. The personal touch and the thought of knowing what we buy is helping a local person and also the environment, being sustainable and not wasting energy on transport. In this blog we are delighted to mention a few we know on the island.

Alpargateria la Concepción is a traditional and very popular espadrille shop in Mallorca. Handmade that are specific for the Mediterranean lifestyle, keeping you cool and in comfort. You can visit the store in the centre of Palma city at Calle Concepción. They don’t only do shoes for adults & little ones; they also have a range of Mediterranean style basket weaved bags.

A popular interior design trend at the moment, one we are particularly fond of is ceramics. Adding a local touch such as a handmade ceramic bowl or ornament to your interior design gives a beautiful feel about a room. A cultured, unique taste that tells a story. Terra Cuita offers ceramics crafted in Mallorca as well as a wide range of kitchen cutlery and crockery in a traditional rustic style.  Taking inspiration from the island Terra Cuita’s innovative spirit allows them to create such unique pieces with a Mediterranean character.

Photo credits: Terra Cuita / Alpargatería la Concepción / Mimbrería Vidal/ Vidrio de Gordiola

Derived from the Banks of the Belus river after the merchants settled in the Balearic Seas, this gives Glass of Gordiola an oriental touch to their pieces. Evolved through the years through generations of Balearic artists with a mix of Roman techniques and Venetian school, you can now find decorated glass pottery created on fire a short drive from Palma city. In recent years glass pottery has taken a central Europe and in particular Andalucia. Adding a glass Mallorcan piece to your home can create a light sensual ambiance that lifts the aura in a space.

If you’re looking for an artisanal store in Palma. A well-known Mallorcan handcrafted product store in the cobbled backstreets is Mimbrería Vidal on Calle Cordería. Here you’ll find all kinds of basket handwoven products, ideal to use in a Mediterranean lifestyle. You can also find some incredible local pieces for interior design such as Mallorcan patterned chairs and ceiling lamps. Adding a touch of Mallorcan culture to your home means your helping the local community and the environment.

Photo credits: Teixis Vicens / Mimbreria Vidal

A family-run textiles company of art and decoration here in Mallorca is the Llengües Mallorquines – Teixis Unions Pollença. Maintaining the Mediterranean character throughout their designs, fabrics, and products. Conserving the culture throughout generations. A workshop that will create a bespoke product for you at your needs to fit effortlessly in your new home. These designs can be placed in a modern home to add that soft touch of a Mediterranean lifestyle.

For any more information about local products and interior design recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact our team, we are ready at your disposal.