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Jul 23, 2021

Cozy reading corner

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We have slowed down a lot since the year 2020 and this has meant more downtime and being in the present for some of us. For the summertime, this could mean relaxing in the sun, gardening, or picking up a good book.

Outdoor reading nook:

If you aren’t much of a pool person and would prefer to hide away from the heat, a cozy reading spot inside in the shade is the next best option. And why not design this space to create your ultimate cozy spot that will give you serenity whilst there, to truly take yourself out of your head for a while and emerge yourself in a good book.

Cozy reading nook by the window:

You may like to be seated next to a window to have the natural light or lookout to for nature occasionally. Some people will prefer a bright colourful space where others might prefer to read a little more in the dark where they aren’t distracted by what is going on around them.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere:

You may like a green plant nearby cleaning the air or a soft carpet to relax with your shoes off, a locally designed coffee table to place your cup of coffee.

Inspiring wall art:

How about your favourite artwork hanging on the wall next to a shelf filled with your favourite books, little details like these are important when creating YOUR space. There are so many small details that can be taken into consideration when designing your unique oasis where you come back to yourself in the heat and busyness of the summer months.

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