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Oct 8, 2021

Living in your renovation

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Living in your home whilst doing a renovation can be tough! With builders’ mucky feet stomping everywhere and dust reaching in all the cracks, staying sane can be quite a challenge. Ideally, you could move elsewhere in the meantime to get some space from the works and avoid the mess but sometimes it’s just not possible. Not to worry, we’ve got some tips that might just help!

Stay as tidy as possible 

Make sure those workmen clean up after themselves every day without fail, even if you have to do it yourself on an odd day. Staying tidy can help greatly, as a messy place can affect your mood and you can end up taking the stress of home out with you all day, we don’t want that! A tidy home equals a tidy mind. At least we can try our hardest!

One step at a time 

There’s not always a need to go in at full force and do everything in one go. An easier and much calmer option is to do one job at a time which will ultimately mean less mess and stress. You can take a break if you feel the need between each job to calm down and get ready for the next stage.

Large plastic sheets covering everything! 

To make sure the dust doesn’t sneak in all the furniture and sofa cracks cover them in big plastic sheets while there is work being done, taking them off at the end of the day leaving them dust-free can make a world of difference.

Having patience 

These things take time and there are often some delays, it should not surprise you or cause stress if there are, this can happen. The trick is to be patient throughout and know that in the end, it will be looking just the way you planned.

Keep a planner

Staying organized and on top of things is most important. Keeping track of the progress and dates of stages so that nothing gets forgotten and leave your mind at rest knowing it’s all under control.

And finally, a good night’s sleep! 

Keeping the bedroom as an oasis space throughout is ideal to not to stress before bed and a good night’s sleep can help keep you going throughout the project, making sure you don’t get to a point and hit exhaustion.

And if you want someone to take care of your work from start to finish so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all, just contact our professional project team.

We take care of all the necessary phases so that all you need to think about is how fantastic your renovated property is going to look!

Photos used in the collages: Unsplash by Heather Ford, Jeshoots, Kowon, Andrew Neil, Debby Hudson, Dee Copper, Lilartsy.