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Nov 11, 2021

COBALT BLUE & our love for it

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Technically, Cobalt blue is a blue pigment made by sintering cobalt (II) oxide with aluminum (III) oxide (alumina) at 1200 °C. But that doesn’t influence us much aside from the fact that this means it is a stable colour and therefore historically, has been used a lot in areas such as ceramics, jewelry, and paint. This means it has influenced us over the years in our choices of design as the design world has evolved.

Although it has been recorded that it was found in Chinese porcelain in 1777. It was independently discovered in 1802 by French chemist Louis Jacques Thénard and not long after in 1807 commercial production began.

Cobalt blue has been used in paintings ever since, which lead to automobiles, construction, sports, video games, and more importantly in interior design.

Its energizing influence makes Cobalt Blue a popular choice in design, giving its viewers a sense of energy lift. It is used in various styles, whether a kid’s room, sophisticated dressing room or hinted in the living and bedroom areas in fabrics & ornaments.

The strong colour can give an originally contemporary space a mysterious edgy feel, balancing out the vibe.

Combining cobalt blue with natural light and some natural wood tones can warm up the atmosphere without being too harsh, even if it’s just small hints of the colour in cushions or artwork. One of the benefits of using a strong color like cobalt blue in your design is that it instantly transforms the room. It is a showstopper.

It can be paired with vibrant colours or clean base tones like white or grey.

What do you think? Will you be adding a pop of Cobalt Blue to your décor this season?

If you need any advice on how to combine colours in interior design, give us a ring. Our team is more than happy to advise. 

Photo credits: Micah Boswell, Christina Rumpf, Scott Webb, Oz Crafts, Dezeen, Lili In Wonderland, Modern Floor Lamps, Etsy.