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Oct 2, 2020

Playing with colour in the kitchen

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Kitchens are such an important part of the home, have you noticed that when having dinner parties, guests seem to always congregate in the kitchen? It’s a social area especially if one enjoys cooking. This is why it’s important to set the right tone in the kitchen, make it homely, in your own style, and make guests feel welcome and at home.

So where do we start?

Kitchen cabinets should always be chosen first, as these take up about 40% of the visual space of the kitchen therefore set the tone for the rest of the space. It’s like the foundation of the room, after you choose these you move on to everything else to combine with. It sets a base. There are a few different elements in place here to figure out, these being not only the colour but the texture and material that suits your personality or what you’re looking for perhaps in practicality not only aesthetic. Important when choosing colour that you can see yourself enjoying the kitchen for much time to come as it’s not something you can change with ease.

You might go for a plain light colour such as white or an off white so that it blends in easily with whatever you choose for the floors, countertop, and walls. The colour white is also a good base to play with colour everywhere else, it also gives a clean look which creates a calm ambiance.

You might like a woody effect. There are many different types of wood effects you can choose from, such as a beachy look, with a light wood colour that is almost sandy coloured. This is particularly nice if you live near the coast to blend in with the environment. You might however like a more chalet feel with a darker tone of wood such as solid oak. This creates a warm cosy feel in the home which can be very inviting.

Nowadays, designers play a lot with colour in the kitchen. They might go for a shade of blue or green to have some fun with the design, lift the ambience a little so it’s not such a serious setting. Colour can be great for the soul. It also depends on the owners personality and how they want to feel in the kitchen or how they want others to feel, it is really very variant.

Other important factors when choosing kitchen colours is the work surface. Here you can really be creative. There are so many beautiful colours and textures to choose from.

You can create a contrast, if you have a dark cupboard setting you can choose a really light surface top to stand out, and vice verser. You can also create a feature from your work surface by choosing a unique natural stone that has a lot of patterns in the stonework to really stand out when one enters the room as a beautiful focus point.

How about the backsplash of the kitchen, this can be something that catches your eye as you enter the room or not. It can also blend in to match the design. There are many things you can do here, we like to create a feature using tiles in different colours and patterns. We might also take inspiration from the culture here in Mallorca to bring this out in the pattern of the backsplash.

Each material has certain practicality too depending on how you want to use your kitchen, sometimes it’s better to opt for one material over the other. You can find more inspiration on this subject in our Pinterest and If you need any assistance and advice, our design team is readily at your disposal to give you a hand – you can book an appointment on our website!