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Sep 25, 2020

Green fingers in design

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A popular style of interior design nowadays brings you thousands of possibilities that plants offer to beautify and also to create a healthy, relaxing ambience in your home. Plants can add that touch of nature that is oh so necessary to keep balance with one’s self and help ease the daily stresses away. They also add a perfect amount of colour and texture to space.
You could have a completely white and basic room but with a touch of greenery, this can change the whole aura.

Photo credits: Photos by Kelly Sikkema and Christian Mackie on Unsplash

The choice of plant is very dependent on how much light is accessible in a room, as plants sure do vary on how much they like and need to survive. Some are much more sensitive to others.

You can choose your plant by the type and colour if its leaves, there are so many different varieties of plants that you have unlimited choices. One of our favourites is the Coleus indoor plant which has a combination of both bright green and a stunning dark purple. This adds a ton of character to a room and is beautiful to look at.

There is a lot said for having plants inside the house. Feng Shui is an important interior design concept that helps create balance and a positive feel when you are in a space, all dependent on where objects and furniture are sat in a room and what types of plants are also very important. 

Photo credits: Photos by Mor Shani, Milad B. Fakurian and Max Williams on Unsplash

Cactuses are known to have bad feng shui when in a bedroom, it can attract bad energy to a space. A few plants that attract a good feng shui to your home would be ones such as the Peace Lily, Snake Plant, and Bamboo. All giving off positive vibes, natural cleansing the energy and air in a room.  Sage is another popular plant to have, particularly in your bedroom as it purifies the energy.  Purifying your home by keeping sage will destroy indoor pathogens and will leave the energy in your home light and happy.

Is it important to know what kind of attention each plant needs before you decide which ones to get, because if you can easily forget to water one that is sensitive then you might find yourself buying a new plant every couple of weeks.

Photo credits: Photos by bconnected projects and Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

If you want to know more about how plants can transform spaces, we have prepared a Pinterest board with many possibilities for integrating them into your home.

In any case, plants are living beings and as such, they need our care and attention to grow healthy and be able to give us all their beauty and properties.

Don’t forget this when choosing your next plant : )