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Aug 28, 2020

Enhance your space with a beautiful wallpaper

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Nowaday’s we have a vast amount of options when choosing wallpaper for a room thanks to new technology, however, wallpaper has been around for centuries, dating back to the 1400s starting with tapestries and paneling. Its origins go back to the ancient Orient from which this trend began to reach Europe in the 17th century thanks to the commercial relations between both continents. Enhancing a room through the use of wallpaper has been in fashion at various times during the 20th century. At the beginning of the century, floral motifs and everyday scenes were the most popular. Later they evolved towards geometric drawings full of color and contrast in the ’70s.

Photo credits: Designers Guild

Wallpaper has always taken a big role in the interior design world to add depth to a room; it encourages a certain mood in the room but can also be a major part of its aesthetics. You can keep the room traditional with a damask print or have an off white for a contemporary room, whichever you choose the goal of wallpaper is to create a statement. It is cost-effective and easy way to give the room some instant character. Although it may cost more than painting a room, it is much more resistant and a great way to freshen up a look. You can also be creative and fun when choosing a wallpaper if you’d like to have a dramatic effect.

It’s a designers way to also bring in some nature in the room, plants, flowers, leaves, although we know it’s just in the artistry, our minds & souls are lifted when we see some nature in a space, it radiates a positive mood and gives the room a wonderful sense of calm.

Photo credits: Coordonné

Our Senior Interior Designer, Monica Cernich, describes here the importance of this resource and how bconnected applies it to her designs:

“Wallpaper was and can be today a cost-effective way of reinventing a space effortlessly, no tearing down walls, you can simply install a garden or a jungle and the indoor is out and the imagination flies and space is no longer what it was.

Depth, movement, warmth, fun, and joy are some of the qualities why we choose this important trinket and the options are endless, ranging from silk hand-painted treasures (not in the cost-effective side, but definitely in the WOW effect of elegance and delicate oriental beauty) to stenciling or woodblock prints of geometric dynamic graphics to bespoke images we ourselves produce.

On our desks, we choose wisely and have very present the function both of the space it will be hung as the part it will play. Whether it is a public space or private. If we are adding light or dimming it, if we want to tell a story or refine one…but this material for the next chapter: showcases and the whys.

There is truly no limit and that is what makes us use it wisely as limitlessness can be overwhelming and you have to know the cards you are dealing to entertain with grace and never overdo…this is the gracefulness of bconnected!”

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We would recommend having a trained professional apply the wallpaper otherwise you could end up ruining the paper and taking a lot longer to finish the design of the space. If you work with an interior designer you can make sure it not only fits the budget you are aiming for the dimensions and amount of wallpaper you need will be figured out for you, leaving you hassle-free.

If you want to give a special touch to a room using wallpaper, our bconnected interior design team can help you choose the best option to make the result a success.

Take a look at the Pinterest board we have prepared for you and start getting inspired!