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Aug 21, 2020

Tricks for a good treat

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In the magnificent world of Interior Design, there is an enormous variety of tricks that can be the aim of your pleasure and wellbeing, a true good treat. Like colourful drops of candy, you swallow them and feel the sweetness down your throat revitalizing your every sense, bringing you back to childhood; going back to those moments when moments were sculpted sketches of your becoming.

But since we are intelligent creatures, we know time does not exist, it is merely an illusion, and illusions are what surround us and dress our stages, presenting us to others and ourselves.

Our interiors are just that, a stage for you to dance and unwind. A place to live and rejoice and find your spaces between textures, images, and shades that tell a story.

Look at these partners in crime, our very same swivel chair, and the solid friendly floor lamp, can you see how they ingeniously changed the Dry Martini for the enchanting tones of a Bossanova and the swirling liveliness of loud laughs…olha que coisa mais linda… this is the art of bconnected…

Stay toned for the next twist and swirl!

Monica Cernich – Senior Interior Designer bconnected